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    Empire of the Void is an alliance comprised of four clans called "fleets"—Fleet of Solace, Fleet of Exaltation, Fleet of Resilience, and Fleet of Unyielding Sorrow—focused on eminence and members. We welcome new and old players alike and work towards the first true empire in Warframe. we hold weekend and weekly activities 2-3 times a month including "Endless Weekend", "Fissure Friday", "Fashion Week" and more. We have the most unique clan structure in Warframe and work towards giving both casual and competitive players a dedicated environment. When clan events come around we also strive to excel in those goals and place on leaderboards set by DE. Much of our presence also exists outside of the game on our discord server. If you would like to join the clan and agree to be active at least once a week, click the link below to join our discord server and one of our recruiters will assign you a fleet.

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