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  1. This part here counters every "maybe their weapons are formaed and they are still helping" Take screenshots from both the stats screen and they themselves in the mission and submit a ticket to support reporting them
  2. Funny, I don't want to do an exterminate or capture mission with my Ember and get my mobility fu... I mean, messed up by a random Volt everytime he decides to press 2, forcing me to stop doing everything I'm doing and backflip... Volt's Speed being a team effect is a mistake, if I want to go fast, I use Volt myself
  3. Nothing, it is fine as it is now. People complain about getting alot of Forma, now they can use it. I always used alot of Forma anyway, this just gives me more stuff to do in the game. Besides, not having to use a specific build on a weapon just so that the Exalted weapon is ok, is a great change.
  4. Please, no... Last thing we need are Regulators and Exalted Blades Rivens...
  5. I like to play my Trinity with a link melee build. This nuke link build worries me that DE may neft the ability in general instead of only the self damage. Link should not redirect self damage, this is all the balance that is necessary
  6. As long as the nerf only affects self damage, and not link in general, I really don't care
  7. Then the game would become Pay2Win in every way, not just in the FashionFrame endgame...
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