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  1. Hi Find some ugly bug with Verta warfan skin equipped on quassus looks like Quassus energy mesh goes +90 degrees on X-axis [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  2. the term "deployment" are used when it comes to heavy stuff, heavy guns vehicles ect. and it shouldn't be affected by swaping mods for sure plus its looks awesome cool when you receive a biggun from an orbit *-* and warframe gets it heavy weight, it just cant be faster.
  3. I think if it wasn't mentioned in game we may call it not a feature, but a bug.
  4. There is a bug possible because i already had all treasures in pool by the end of mission no reward, I get only skate =-= fix that pls/ i believe that some folks might feel bad bout losing 100 ducats to the void
  5. Are two factor ID uses the same mailing address? no-reply@2fa.warframe.com i mean if server cannot send me one letter how can it send me other =\
  6. I'm trying to log in 4 or 5 times through the day/ Tried just now with no luck of getting letter =(( dunno what to do coz nobody answer in support ticket - #1686367
  7. i've got support ticket #1686367 from last Tuesday. Got one respond in which they say that i must check that the address no-reply@2fa.warframe.com are in my whitelist =\ but it was there already, and i'd mentioned it in the first place when i started a support ticket Anyways i quadro-checked it and tried to get that code again =\ no luck and there was no word from support team since then PLS HLP
  8. 34 cores without any luck of selling them.
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