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  1. why every time ppl here complainin about "how hard that is" i run basicaly 10 missions in space 2 or 3 ppl in party and ive get enough points to whatever i need. There is no need in lowering something in that game. Try to be more cooperative and do some runs as useful team member. instead of whining like a adzara
  2. Hello. First of all thank you for that amazing game Do you guys test some voice lines and sound effects on repeatability? coz some of them had some troubles with that imho. like vent kid BOON line during the start of PHASE 3 profit taker or Kuva Bramma fx on impact seems it multiplies itself, intentionally or not it sounds kinda annoying, especially you've got full party with that bow Please revert back good old Stalker death sentence aka "htaed - htaed - htaed" line coz it was scary like for real )) May be you can add that line before he explain his intentions? btw. Seems strange, that shadow incarnate proclaims what hes about to do. arnt we playin 17+ game with gore?))) Did you guys have plans to portray liches more Grim less cartoony in voice lines or in modulation? Coz for now it feels like pg-era. Can we hope that one day, Warframe gets more ruthless sounding villains with more consistent and low voice lines? I hope to hear from you guys). Thank you!
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