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  1. Alright this relatively new system of allowing individual players to extract is neat and all but DE PLEASE add a warning sound or visual notification that the HOST is leaving (not just "player" is waiting for extraction)! I've been in multiple missions where a host migration utterly screws over all my progress and rewards in a mission ! This might not look much but at least it warns the rest of the squad that the host is leaving and that way we can either extract with the host or ask him/her to wait for us to avoid being penalized by the dreaded host migration monster !
  2. Just lost a Riven and an Anasa during my 2 runs to complete sortie 3. Game just says could not update account after extraction, my 2nd run was particularly infuriating since it not only gave me no sortie rewards but it also crossed out my sortie 3 as completed. Even the Rewards pool shows I did not get anything !
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