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  1. Okie doke. Welp. Today has not been a great day for forums. Thanks for the corrections, I'll aim to do better in the future. If I had any idea how to contact the moderator to dispose of these, I would.
  2. NO ONE can decide on what he should have. Everyone is posting their own insular vaub ideas.. DE, pick like 10, and make him modular. There we go. Switchable abilities. He's an engineer, it seems fitting to be able to redesign his whole kit by building new things.
  3. Oh, when I tried to it gave me an error. I had assumed it didn't go through, so I retyped it. Not intentionally trying to spam this idea, hope you understand.
  4. Examples: "Have you leveled the MK-1 Braton or Braton? They're available for credits pre-built in the market." "I don't know. Where does it say if I've leveled something?" "Hey! I have the materials I need to build this prime frame/weapon... oh wait.. it's Mastery locked?" Those situations could resolve themselves more often than not with these changes. 😃
  5. It would be nice to have the icon that says whether you've mastered something when you're in the market. Would also be nice to have the mastery rank lock visible in foundry. In lieu of this, being able to check the codex entry without leaving the market/foundry would work. Finding with new players, one of us is often backing out of either foundry or market in order to check one of those two details in codex before going forward with weapon construction or purchases.
  6. If you go into the Cipher Blueprint in the market, the build requirements say, "2 m" when building, it's only one minute. This is obviously not a problem, just figured I'd mention it.
  7. It seems the Tarna planter's Y axis height is set wrong. Neither through snap to surface or free placement can it be placed less than 3m off the floor. Seems like when you click it again, it jumps up another however many meters. This clipped me through the floor of my orbiter underneath the ramp somehow.
  8. Happening for me, too. If you don't switch off your primary weapon and get them all consecutively, Nightwave will come up and announce that you've gotten it. However, I don't know if the points counted, since the alert it still up. Going to test now if I can't use this to get 1k points with nightwave every 150 kills. Edit: Verified, does not count towards additional points, even if it shows you the message for it in mission again.
  9. Spam your interact button on your K-drive from a jump just above water. When you're falling into the water, the game is trying to both put you back on solid ground, and mount the K-drive. Keep spamming. You will begin to teleport. So far it seems like the location it sends you to is random within 300m or so as I wind up in places I have not yet gone to that session. It will go through floor/terrain and walls. If anyone can determine how it's picking the location, there's potential here to no-clip through buildings.
  10. Is there some bug that makes zealots break weapon slots? Please elaborate. Perhaps we can help.
  11. This is a perfect example. Warframe has done an excellent job of letting our entertainment be entertaining, and not an open window into our bedrooms. For whatever reasons we may appreciate further forms of expression, under no circumstances should this flood gate be opened. No one is supposed to make it personal. This kind of content makes it too personal. We have a format where no one would know that someone For this or Against that, is cooperating with someone they'd refuse to be around otherwise. DE has it right already. I can show service and appreciation to you in a mission without personal biases instructing or impairing my judgement. That's what we should have. Any departure from that is missing the forest from the trees.
  12. DE is inclusive by not making personal IRL preference matter whatsoever. No one is restricted to doing something that collides with real life. We're all Tenno here, and none of that is anyone's business. In a good way. They don't put up with folks calling others out for their personal life. Do you, which is wonderful. DE won't judge. Supporting directly is still a judgement. ...Also, their services are global, and certain countries, well... might ban Warframe if they got into that discussion, no matter how minor. What you could do, is make it a clan sigil! 😃 Clans are welcome to be as expressive among their members as they wish. As for the core game... celebrating one group begets frictions or disparagement from others. Staying out of it is the only way to stay welcoming, and not get their business mired in personal affairs. All of our fellow members here can play this game without it making statements about sexuality. IRL stay IRL. Warframe stays warframe.
  13. Good to know. Was kind of wondering that after hearing it. I did that quest back when it launched in game, and have pretty much intentionally ignores sentients ever since. These are the little details I've missed as a result. Thank you, also.
  14. Oh yeah. It's not just interception. Makes a fella nervous about using radiants. Makes parties skittish about staying for rotation 5. Hope they stop that and host migration from jamming up fissures.
  15. Yes. Never figured out how to link pictures on here, so didn't bother to take one. What you mentioned is certainly what I saw. Thought it was odd that it shimmered like a breakable. Suppose it just does that because it can be broken free. Thanks very much for the info!
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