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  1. Dispensary on day, Spectrosiphon on night. My day form is a build for the augment Peaceful Provocation, giving the party +75% Str, further assisting the dispenser double drop chance. Was thinking perhaps it pulled the emissive channel from the player that was in my place in the party order.. but that's anyone's guess what colors they were using, or if that would make any difference.
  2. Was on Hydron with a Day form Equinox. Build used subsume to replace metamorphosis, leaning exclusively into the day form on my A config. At wave 5, the host left. After host migration, I was suddenly Night form Equinox. This is really odd because default emissive channel is Day, so I'm not sure how the game could have decided I become/spawn as Night form. Any thoughts on how this happened? Did it read the emissive channel from my config B somehow? Did it read a color channel from the map itself?
  3. Lua - Stofler: Defense Something goofed at the beginning of the 2nd rotation, where the floor drop out trigger didn't occur. The party and I, along with the original (now antiquated) defense objective remained on the top level. When the defense point started taking damage with no enemies to be seen on the second rotation, naturally one has to wonder: 'Where are the enemies? What is damaging the defense? Why is the defense not receiving any of my healing?' A party member pointed out the (new/real) defense objective was now 'technically' a floor beneath us, but the floor remained, and
  4. There's a conflict there with secondary weapons w/secondary abilities (like Azima) or thrown melees. Any thoughts on how to get around that? Edit: Just saw this was addressed in thread by keeping it as active.
  5. I didn't even think about the augment! OH man! That's savage. ❤️
  6. You bring up good points, and these are of course my personal takes on comparing those abilities.. Vortex especially is Gluttonous in it's energy expense. Should/Can he put out 100 energy every 15s just to whittle down armor, when he could use heat/corrosive/shattering impact/Corrosive Projection for free? I can't see it fit to use Corrosive Projection on him Because of his energy expense. Should he be endlessly spamming Zenurik dash or energy pizzas.. (which is a playstyle I just can't get behind) to contrive a Rube Goldberg machine to strip some armor over time? Sure, it can be paired with h
  7. I'm with you there. Finding myself cautious not to pick abilities with higher costs to replace a 1 or 2.. or figuring I'm going to mis-cast an ability that I know to be in a certain spot on it's original frame, by hitting the button I'm used to hitting for that power.
  8. Subsume system really brings to light the disparity in some of the abilities, their effectiveness, and their costs. Ex.: Contrast Ensnare with Vortex. Vortex: 15s, 10m, 100 energy. Ensnare: 15s, 10m, 50 energy. Both disable and pull enemies into a tight grouping. Essentially, I'm better off junking Vaub's ult, for Khora's 2. (Since Bastille inevitably collapses to a Vortex anyways, you have to always treat it as a Vortex at some point, regardless.. making it dangerous and reckless to use centered on a defense point.. as it just brings enemies to it, and lets them go.) Hydroid's Tid
  9. That's been like that the whole time. Not sure if intended, but Strangledome has superb high priority. Might work if you petrify Then strangledome.. but haven't tested that personally.
  10. I did consider those, but my build is all wrong for that. Something I'm thinking about on the note of his Armor.. applicable to any frame.. Hema + Health Conversion + Pool Of Life. You've got lots of healing at your disposal, sure.. but more importantly, you're chipping bits of your life off to pick up Health Orbs, and generate that nice 1k+ armor bonus. Oh! Totally forgot... Ore Gaze. If you're a pilf-droid with reasonably high STR, then you might be able to stack the looting up a bit further.
  11. Here's an idea... Well of Life. Pop that on an enemy within the area of her 1, and see if it doesn't cause healing pulses. Mind Control an enemy within the pulses of her 1 to see if you don't get a Super powerful ally. Pull to yank people into the area. Ensnare or Larva could also, draw enemies in. Silence might also round out her kit for being either noisy or quiet... could be invis and inaudible if she's a regular all around use frame for you. Mainly your build will most likely have high STR and DUR, so there are some you can rule in, like Elemental Ward. What I'd be really curious to se
  12. I would think Ensnare or Larva if you're using Pilfering Tentacles.. draw them all to one spot, then noodle it up. Worth testing if Spellbound would disrupt tentacle grabbing, because if it doesn't, Spellbound Harvest augment would be an energy generator. Pull could work.. yank a bunch of people, and turn into your puddle to catch them. Tentacle Swarm, and pop out of puddle.. All enemies neatly trapped. You could also scrap his 2 for Reave... giving you roughly the same mobility, but with more survival utility. Hydroid could benefit greatly from Defy.. not that his armor will gain much
  13. I've somehow gotten 3 but haven't seen a one of them.
  14. I'm wondering if they (those specific units in Gas City) recognize invisibility as a thing. ..Since you only begin to interact with them by breaking their containment, there might be some odd exception, or lack of exceptions for those units in particular. Totally guessing here, but maybe that's a thing. Could just be the Gas City guys.. they might, "See you," in the beginning, regardless... not sure if you have to be invis and STEALTH, or just arbitrarily invis. Just to check all the prerequisites.. Be sure the Riven is equipped and on your person at the time, just in case.
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