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  1. Yup. That's my thought, too. One thing I'd add to this, is if a player could like.. Omni something to actively reduce cooldowns. This way you still have an expense to manage in the risk/reward system.
  2. Agreed. Also aware the next option will be Dispenser + Synth Fiber + Equilibrium to get the same result.. not sure they can do much about that without breaking that combo entirely.
  3. Could also be someone had to answer the door, there was an emergency of some sort, a cat barfed on the carpet, or.. well, any number of things. While it's still well within reason to report an AFK for being detrimental to the experience, it's worth mentioning that not all causes of AFK are deserving of fundamental attribution error. Worth noting.. not necessary to liken a player to a parasite, even when they fall derelict in their duties. Bit yikes, that.
  4. I'm going to regret saying this.. but Lavos's cooldowns for railjack is super busted. Going to need to adjust these to be longer, or the entire energy system for Railjack is a waste. I don't need to fire turrets at all unless there's a crewship, even in Veil Proxima. Using exclusively railjack battle abilities to waste enemies as fast as they can spawn. With a fully leveled Seeker Volley, turrets only serve to wear down crewships, or to pick off a ship in the rare event it has any health left. Not saying I mind, because I enjoyed soloing the entirety of the new content up through Veil Proxi
  5. TYPE: In-game (Lavos Warframe/Helminth ability) DESCRIPTION: Helminth ability on Lavos occasionally reverts to energy cost while exiting archwing in Railjack missions. Remains unusable until dry-docked/aborted. VISUAL: [img]https://i.imgur.com/3sxMfbF.jpg[/img] REPRODUCTION: Leaving archwing, entering structures/ship. EXPECTED RESULT: Helminthed ability energy cost remaining consistent with cooldown. OBSERVED RESULT: Helminthed ability reverts to energy cost, becoming unusable on Lavos. REPRODUCTION RATE: Inconsistent, but common enough. ~1-in-5 missions if I had to guess. I specifically us
  6. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Soft-lock REPRODUCTION: 2+ players. Interact from Archwing with door into main objective. Once timer starts, Omni-Teleport back to ship before players enter for objective. EXPECTED RESULT: Players should be brought into final objective, and railjack enters invincible mode. OBSERVED RESULT: Players can no longer enter/complete final objective. Railjack cannot be flown. Mission is soft-locked. REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 out of 2 times. Player activate. Other player leaves railjack to join. Railjack was in trouble, so both team mates teleported back to Railjack. Rail
  7. I'll say one thing.. the dive bomb serves no functional purpose. The damage is insignificant, (if I'm not mistaken) you can't bail out of it, and ground slam is just a better version all around. I'd be curious to see how looking straight down and tapping would work for a slight hover and/or reset/recovery of double-jump/aim-glide time. Always thought that she should be able to flap to hover in place, with some stagger to enemies around her. I only ever hit dive bomb accidentally, and I hate when I do it.. but that's just me. Not sure what everyone else's thoughts are on that.
  8. ...Then, don't. If nobody buys it, then DE knows it was over-priced or didn't appeal to players. If people do buy it enough to instruct their sales dept. to do it again, then.. maybe they know what they're doing? I personally won't be buying them. I also won't be buying much of anything, and not because I hate the market or the game.. but because money's tight, and I don't trade for plat often. Probably could sling some items for plat to get these if I wanted; totally won't, though. I'm not losing sleep over not having a cat statue, or paying for things I never liked the price of to begin w
  9. Warframe.market in your browser. You can get a good idea of prices, contact players to trade with, and list items for sale there. For a solo player especially, this requires the absolute least amount of interfacing between players, and rules out much of the variables and guess work.
  10. You're right, there.. though the feelings about parties being able to do anything but run/gun style is largely, 'the stealth being less efficient and underdeveloped, gets swallowed up by run/gun,' or party comp meta. So I did overstate that there, that's fair to say, but understandably not by a lot. Unless we're counting hallway hero, which is 'stand still and gun' which feels further off from OP's main topic. A lot of it is, leaning into the run/gun nuke power creep is undermining a lot of the mechanics/fun for many players as long as it forces players to do that to play public and general
  11. The only reason you can't opt to play that way is because it's counter productive to the loot required. OP and others literally said how they literally can play this way in this game.. and as I pointed out it's a role-play simply because of the loot economy, and the lack of a single mechanic. Why you have to fight me and pretend that none of that exists is a you problem.
  12. Go for it! My thought was, how hard could it be to make textures like different types of paper and make them inter-actazble? From there into stacks, into binder/folders, into books, onto bookshelves. So long as someone takes the idea and runs with it, I don't mind at all.
  13. The only time I pause the podcast/videos that go along with my Warframe experience. This would be a nice and welcome option.
  14. One Tox ancient would burp and the fight would be over.
  15. No doubt. Was shocked how little traction I got with several other frames. Think I would up doing it with Xaku, for the evasion and neutral void resistance debuff, but can't recall for sure.
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