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  1. Curative Undertow: Incredibly hard to use on allies. No one stays still, and the ticks are only once every few seconds. Two things I see necessary to be effective to both the intent and spirit of this augment. 1. Wet the allies feet... meaning, once they come in contact with the puddle, they take on a charge of healing over time. 2. Standing still on the puddle is of greater benefit, adding up to 3 or 4 of these ticks, in a, "row, row, row your boat," style healing swell. Healing charges could be applied once on contact with Undertow, healing for ~15% health over ~6s. Each ~1.5s another charge stacks on, up to 3-4x.. healing ~45-60% over 8-10s or so. (or 7.5% to 10% max health per second while on undertow, or during max charges.) This is still a fairly underwhelming heal, but well within reason IF players stand still (which they don't, but it should still be balanced to that standard as it is now.) This would also reduce the amount of downtime Hydroid players (like myself) would have to spend within Undertow in order to heal up, if we can gain a bit of health constantly, rather than only on tick. It's insanely difficult trying to heal people with this augment. I've been trying to actual years... even telling people, chasing them down, putting myself in their path.. nothing works. The only way to use Curative Undertow on others right now is to find them being stationary, puddle under them, and hope they don't move for 3 seconds. Not to mention, the heal is not exactly a powerful one, which is fine.. but activating the heal is intensely difficult. ...not to mention, Tidal Surge does nothing to catch up with allies who are bullet jumping, running, rolling, sliding, or even sauntering away.. and you'll likely consume the entirely of your energy catching up to them if you do, leaving nothing to heal with.
  2. I would assume another problem is, "what happens when the drop pools go above 100%?," to which I have no answer. That, and whatever bizarre internet clout comes with the game being, "True RNG," rather than assisted RNG I suggest. The main reason for it is because unlike gambling, we're not hitting that invigorating sweet spot of feeling like, "I'll get it next time, I can feel it!" but instead, "I can hypothetically get screwed 1k times without it ever dropping, and thus I don't have to try to know this game overtly disrespects my time." Not to mention, programming that into every drop pool might be vastly more complicated than I can imagine. ...but It'd sure solve the core cause of resentment and hopelessness that the mechanics cause for both DE and other players.
  3. Curious to see what you'd think of this proposal.. Certain drop pools should have a modifier for drops that works against the sense of futility and being screwed that comes with RNG. RNG should remain a thing. The, "If," that comes with drop tables is what fuels our dopamine.. so I don't wish for that to be impacted. Though, some method to mitigate the feeling of hopelessness would be preferable to assuming the game is broken, right? What if... each time we rolled a drop table, all items that do not drop, increase in drop chance by 0.5%? Once an item drops, those bonuses are removed from the item. Things like orbs, credits, common mods, etc... need not apply.. However, things that take a considerable amount of time and effort invested will begin almost instantly to grate on us if we feel we cannot get the drop. Say with your Kuva Hind.. If each time you create a Lich and Did Not receive the Hind, the Hind increases in chance by 0.5% for the next time. You're not Certain it's next, but your sense of futility and hopelessness is instead converted into having accomplished future investment. Apply this also to Pools like ESO.. so that you're marginally less likely to get the same reward, and marginally more likely to get another reward. With each failed roll, the next roll improves... asking us to continue, rather than mocking us for trying.
  4. Sancti Magistar prob gon' lose some damage. That sucker is bananas. If the Flux Rifle is a 5 dispo (I don't know) it should get a special 6 or 7 class for how trash tier it is.
  5. Don't spend Endo on it.. Even before it was a waste. I get that it's like next to no Endo, but that mod in particular is the absolutely bottom of the barrel.
  6. Energy Vampire whistle could stand to be far more subtle. "TWEEEEEEOO!!" 100+ times a game..
  7. While it's not the void anymore, I'd figure that there'd be traces of the void there.. It was once part of the void, and those traces are kinda remnants of that. The dragon keys require traces, which interact with the vault door, so there's still some void energy resonance in it's construction. Just seems like a safe and reasonable spot to shoe-horn in some trace drops, outside of fissure missions. There may be some story reason of why they can't... but it would sure make the obstacle course rooms more worth while. Currently, all you'll get is nano spores, a lephantis nav or two, and maybe a mutagen sample. Vaults are good for their corrupted mods.. and if those mods survived, then perhaps those lockers and containers in there could contain some traces. Up to DE, but I'd sure appreciate it. Currently, we really are better off ignoring the Obstacle Course rooms.. there's nothing there to find unless Maroo sent you.
  8. We build up favors, and exchange them for goods. Think: Working for a store, then buying groceries with the paycheck you earn. As for Dojos, You pay for the research, then the cost to both duplicate the template, and ingredients involved to construct it. Think: Music/bands and their recordings. Cost of recording/instruments/publishing/distribution. Pay an absolute ton for the facilities to be made, cost to run/use those facilities, bring your own equipment/means to utilize that service, and paying dues to the network that gets it distributed. (Clan/Blueprint/Resource & Foundry credits) That's how I look at it.
  9. Atmosphere's that impede, catalyze, or alter how the elements interact? That's a mighty neat idea. I like it.
  10. So at the root of these conflicts, I see another problem: Matchmaking. These interactions with others influence how we approach this game. Sometimes, missions we want to play are prohibitive to enter, "because people we tend to clash with go there too often." This thread in particular, every node that has these doors... whether you like or hate nodes that contain these, depends on how closely your preference is paired with your party. We're here railing against each other for playing differently. The game design must come to resolve this with us railing against... a setting for matchmaking. "I want more/less faffing about." scale of 1-100. Prioritize parties by strength of bias. (Strong = most matches on critical factors. Decent = etc...) Diffuse this whole mess and turn it into a more consistently good, fast, easy public experience. More over, get to rate (for your own records) interactions with others.. particularly good, particularly bad, kinda one of the others, or nothing special/no conflict, etc. Thumbs down relates only to how You match with them, having no impact against how they match with others. Games you are in would drop in their priority, offering you every chance to avoid another meetup, whenever possible.. Tell the game if you'd specifically thumbs up or thumbs down that player to be matched again, and measure which metrics to prioritize more or less for people to have more statistically, Consistently, Good games with player parity and cooperation.. should the player find that feature helpful or even necessary to have.
  11. But there is about allowing your party to group up.. which is what those doors represent. It's not a perfect mechanic, and was created a long while back, but it serves it's purpose. For those who truly cannot be bothered to deal with the variables of team mates possibly taking too long, we have public/solo/invite/friends settings and clans for that, as well as mission types.. and, "common sense," would dictate people use those.. if they're easily triggered by loss of efficiency or people stopping to smell the roses.. however, "common sense," is far more subjective than it sounds.
  12. "Get to extraction. 1 player waiting for you." Instead of, "Teammate needs help opening a door." People do need to be nudged, and the response I'm familiar with from those doors is practical and universal, "Oh. I'm on my way." Where as, "I'm already at the finish line," gets the response, "I must be failing/they're impatient." One gives a cooperative context, the other gives a divisive one.
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