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  1. When close to a Zeplen, a barrier field springs up that won't let you leave or shoot out of it until the Zeplen is destroyed. When an Itzal Archline's a Zeplen, it pulls it past the player. The barrier field will activate when the player is in close enough proximity. Depending the distance the Zeplen still travels (from the momentum/pull of archline) once this barrier is set to activate, the Zeplen may coast beyond the boundary of it's own barrier. If this occurs, the player may become trapped in the barrier, unable to leave or break the Zeplen it's attached to.
  2. As if. Operator mode or bust. You know, I thought shooting the glass would work, but that didn't seem to work since I couldn't get it to when trying.. not to mention I was in survival, and had other things to focus on, never got a good angle, and my weapons didn't compliment this. ..Glad you can just blast em' with operator. Wondering if this game shouldn't have some kind of lock-on points in the future. See: User experience with bosses with invincibility + weak spots that aren't readily apparent. I've been walking players through this game's boss fights for actual years; these hitboxes and their visual identification don't have nearly the intuitive design y'all may imagine they do. ...Hence you trying to explain them in a patch notes...? =/ I'm not opposed to these mechanics when enemies can be goaded into presenting the weak spot, or some sort of lock-on or other identifier can call attention to it. Otherwise, you might wind up never getting a clear shot, having near misses confused for useless direct hits, and players learning the wrong thing due to lack of feedback and interaction. The UPSIDE: CC works on them. So now that I know the glass actually is a weak point, I can CC them. (At least I hope I can.)
  3. When this runs out, it remains out until you toggle off sprint. Sure wish it would toggle itself off and begin a forced cooldown. Perhaps not immediately, but after 3s or so, giving you a chance to use it more effectively by toggling it off yourself, else suffer a cooldown similar to overheat from weapon accretion. A cooldown phase is better than looking down to see it's still friggin' spent after an indefinite period of time of not toggling it off.
  4. You know how things get broken and wiggly when trapped in Hydroid's Tentacles, or Garuda's Blood Altar? How about something with that property, (The, "Bethesda enemy closed in a door," style ragdoll jiggle,) so that those can be fixed/removed on the other frames without removing them from the game entirely?
  5. Will there be anything to address Boost for railjack being depleted as long as boost is toggled on? I feel quite strongly that it should automatically begin it's cooldown at some point to override that.. either like heat accretion cooldown or otherwise.
  6. New Jackal fight looks Excellent. I love the phases. Way better than a MR 20+ coming in, one shotting him, and rolling along like it were any other Moa.
  7. She's like if Tracer from Overwatch and TF2's Engineer had a baby. (except I don't think she swings that way? ..regardless..) After so many years of people requesting a turret on Vauban, and DE being like, "..naaahhh... doesn't seem right..," to just make a turret engineer with time travel? I can't really figure what the rationale was. They MUST have come up with this from powers on the cutting room floor for the Vaub rework. Whatever. DE's gonna DE. I'm sure they'll be cool in their own right.. but I'm positively flummoxed they'd still have so many janky awkward parts to Vaub's kit, only to give the most obvious and long awaited solution to another frame that we don't really need.
  8. Still, currently, I'd say that's reasonable. They don't feel quite finished as a nemesis... more of a vessel for loot that we don't care about or respect in the slightest. I would rather we not lean into that, and instead give room for better mechanics with a revision. The more bandaids people get attached to, the more it hurts to pull them off, eh?
  9. Which is why you can use the Murmurs and not parazon level your Lich. Down a Lich 3x w/o Parazon and they'll leave without leveling... even though they say they do, which should be changed. If we can just abandon a Lich, they're not a Nemesis.. granted, you may be feeling they aren't anyways.. but without that permanence, they never can be in the future. "This one doesn't have 60% tox. ..zzzz.... Cancel it." "This one Does have 60% tox, Sell it." ...sounds like one hell of a bad guy, aye? =/ More like a tedious mobile loot container. ..So the further we lean into treating them as tedious mobile loot containers, the less they can become nemesis / bad guys.
  10. Headless bug should have a place in this.. so maybe throwing their head?
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