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  1. Dispensary on day, Spectrosiphon on night. My day form is a build for the augment Peaceful Provocation, giving the party +75% Str, further assisting the dispenser double drop chance. Was thinking perhaps it pulled the emissive channel from the player that was in my place in the party order.. but that's anyone's guess what colors they were using, or if that would make any difference.
  2. Was on Hydron with a Day form Equinox. Build used subsume to replace metamorphosis, leaning exclusively into the day form on my A config. At wave 5, the host left. After host migration, I was suddenly Night form Equinox. This is really odd because default emissive channel is Day, so I'm not sure how the game could have decided I become/spawn as Night form. Any thoughts on how this happened? Did it read the emissive channel from my config B somehow? Did it read a color channel from the map itself?
  3. Use Criticals/headshots. Not sure what level/type enemy we're talking about here, so mileage may vary.
  4. I would not believe that if I saw it with my own eyes.
  5. I believe these items are available to you through Baro during Tennocon, but I could be wrong. I too, junked out my Azima years back; I never expected they'd actually rework the enemy armor scaling hogwash that was a problem for so many years.
  6. I can't see that scaling well. Like, Slash damage procs are true damage. One slash proc is not what kills an enemy, a mounting stream of ticks are. One burst of true damage isn't gonna' do enough to make magnetic truly functional. Not that it wouldn't be good, just not enough to make it practical.. especially not outside of Corpus who are juuuust barely surviving your shots as it is.
  7. It's an expression. Like pouring a drink for a friend who cannot be with you.. where wasting the beverage is done in honor or memorial. I couldn't offer to help since you're on PS4 and I'm on PC. Since I main Hydroid, I could understand and appreciate the loss of that frame. Hope that sums it up.
  8. You know how newer players are usually taking time looting and exploring, then people start yelling for them to hurry up? Like, excuse me videogame police, if you're in such a breakneck hurry that you can't afford to have a team full of public variables, then why aren't You in solo? It's not a given that people want to play this game for the sake of a try-hard status quo. I see it as a complete lack of consideration to force people to hurry up, you see it as a complete lack of consideration for people not to be hurrying. I reckon we could go round and round on this, and get nowhere. So let's n
  9. All the talk of dark ages and stupid people.. ever consider, it's not supposed to be in the game? I've touched on a few of the reasons why it makes good sense that it isn't in the game in the capacity that folks are demanding. You're gonna' disagree, and this back and forth is going absolutely nowhere, aside from polarizing me into thinking of more reasons to show that it's just kind of a bad idea. The longer this goes on, the closer to namecalling I'm seeing from the vac crowd. Good luck with whatever happens.
  10. Would you like better loot available in lockers? Slower more methodical playstyles (like stealth and explorative players) need more fleshing out. Univac further cements that there is ever diminishing room and intent for these players to be considered. As with anything that is more efficient, anyone not doing that must go to solo, as has been mentioned a number of times here, even.. the more smoothed out, sped up, and generalized the gameplay becomes, the more players must tow the line. Taking those extra seconds in combat to have to check your surroundings and meters will translate
  11. Very good then, carry on. Felt that worth mentioning.
  12. I do not advise getting 3rd party platinum.
  13. Your Hydroid Disappeared?? Contact support, they may be able to confirm if it was accidentally sold. Absolute worst case scenario you'll be able to get his prime or farm him back up in time. I'll pour one out for your boy in the meantime.
  14. Some reasonable compromises. I think at the core of sharing your Railjack with team, there are players wanting to be the leader in charge, and essentially, no one wanting to be labeled subservient, either. You bring up fine suggestions to mitigate inconveniences for a captain/host being 'griefed' on their own ship, which is good, and I support that. However, the more the dynamic is that, "You are here at my behest, at my order, and under my roof," the less of a cooperative experience it is. I'll give you some examples.. a bit hyperbolic, but worth considering. Should we lock the
  15. It's about doing what seems like kicking someone while they're down, and how that is far more polarizing than informative. "You're just wrong and bad at the game," will not encourage a player to try a new strategy near as much as invite them to block and defy you. That approach does nothing for them, and far more for you at their expense. But, you do you.
  16. Dropping your duration as low as it can go gives you a near spam Silence, every 10s. Casting your Sonic Boom inbetween will handle the ones where it wears off in between. Depending your placement, Sound Quake can do much of the same, especially with Natural Talent on. Be sure to block, as well. A great parring with Banshee, is a Zaw with Heavy attack speed/dmg and Exodia Brave. Sentinels with Guardian or Shield Charger help greatly, with Taxon being able to really lean into this best. Augur set will give you a buffer for shield gate every time you cast an ability.
  17. Shield regen mods are viable now that shield gating is a thing, and Adaptation will help greatly once you can obtain it.
  18. Interesting to note, that is hard coded to Y, since I have Y set to do some different non-default function in my control scheme.
  19. Yep. I have never known what that button was. Thanks for that, OP. Since I have things hotkeyed all different, I figured that function was forfeit. Using Cipher has always Always meant clicking on it.
  20. The degree to which they are, is. Here's how: When a weapon is vastly more overwhelming that it's peers, it will demand a challenging new enemy to counter it, else the game becomes boring and uninteresting to players. Once you've done everything you need to do and reach God-status, there's nothing to work towards. Players request new, more challenging enemies to offset this. Those new, more challenging enemies, Cannot be engaged with anything but that most powerful weapon. An OP gun = a future nerf to everything that isn't OP. Those players with that gun may once again hope to push
  21. This is my perspective here.. but maybe an endlessly and infinitely rewarding loot treadmill is both impossible, and not the full intent? The way I play Warframe is not by optimizing out as much time in game as possible, getting the more elite loot, and staring at my mountain of resources with resentment... but that does seem to be the meta. I see it as more of a sandbox horde shooter, and the loot is supplemental to that. On that front I would say our combat could use a lot more nuance and involvement.. though, upon doing that, it upsets the crowd that just wants to plow through for the un
  22. How repeatable is this for you? Tried 3x on PC, no bug so far. This is his Jupiter fight, correct? Not Mutalist? Was there anything that you think may have influenced this result?
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