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  1. Welcome back to it! If you want a specific direction to move in, upstairs in your ship, check the Codex for Story missions. For a more casual direction, clearing uncompleted nodes/missions along the star map. Acquiring weapons, Warframes, and mods to fill up your collection, or just to expand how you want to express combat in the game. End game is always fashion frame, but that's up to you whether you get into that. =P Regardless of what mission you're doing, or what equipment you use, you're always going to get some kind of something that's useful later. Even resources that use to run out of function, now have a long term resource sink that can make use of them. So long as you're enjoying yourself, you're good. Go at your pace and do what sounds fun. If you have questions about differences from when you played and where you are now, feel free to ask. I've been here since 2014, so I should have an idea of something from back when you played to help guide you. Best of luck, Tenno!
  2. I know what you mean. I post what I can, forego the expectation, and am sometimes pleasantly surprised. I don't know what my batting average is or anything, but I have seen a good number of bugs I've posted mended in fairly short order.. or at least over time. All of em? Probably not. Almost certainly not. But many, sure.
  3. Side thing I enjoy: Bug testing It's neat to compile bugs, weeks/months later seeing that bug fixed, quite possibly at least in part, because of a post you made that brought to their attention, and they got able to fix it. There's something I personally appreciate in being part of the 'scent trail' of a million ants that discover fixable errors. Part of the outstanding amount of polish this game has on it, has to do with the constant deluge of feedback from players. DE can't always fix it all, but there's bound to be something doable that comes up. A project of this size can be a little like sanding a mountain.
  4. Drinking molten forma, to find wacky new ways of synergizing builds for things like utility, aside from just raw damage. Over the years of playing, with the rate they update and change things, I'm nearly always able to find some surprising new ways to engage with the game.
  5. Added (Zephyr's)Airburst to Titania. During Razorwing, Airburst casts w/abnormal delay. ~2-3 second wait between keystroke and successfully casting Airburst. The cast is perfectly fine when Razorwing is off, but becomes funky (only) during Razorwing. Hopefully an easy fix. <3 My thanks to the staff and site mods for all the work they do.
  6. Just to check a few things: 1. Be sure to check (esc to menu, equipment,) inventory. Along the row of tabs if a ducat symbol for Prime Parts. Even built parts should be visible there, though they won't have the Blueprint kind of background design they normally would. 2. Do you have a Mesa Prime blueprint? If so you'll be able to see them through that if they're still around somewhere in your inventory.. as they clear from the foundry once built and claimed. 3. If you don't see those components represented as built in the Mesa Prime blueprint, are you certain they weren't regular Mesa parts? 4. Are you certain you didn't sell the Built parts at a Ducat kiosk, thinking they were spares? Baro's in town.. so figure that may be a possibility. You can open a support ticket if you feel something has gone wrong. I believe they're able to check through your account data or game logs to see what happened. If you did by chance sell those parts for ducats and bought something from Baro, for DE to enact a refund of your parts, you'd have to be able to provide the ducat value from those parts in some other way.. hopefully that's not the case.
  7. If you're trying to build while the invigoration is on, it will certainly throw you off for what to expect from a build. It will be best to use Invigoration on builds that you already have cemented in how you want them to function long before. Alternatively, if you have an open Config to mess with during the Invigoration week, you can tweak your build accordingly to make the most of the bonus while it's around.
  8. What I did with my Mag Prime was try to model her off of regular Mag. Just slightly tweaking the colors from her original palette. Always found slight hue and contrast shifts from her normal frame default suited her best. That said, some of the Tennogen skins are stunning, and offer far more complimentary textures, meaning more colors are fitting.
  9. Alternatively, there are folks like myself that enjoy both systems, and should you need help killing Lich or running/farming Railjack, there will be people willing to help.
  10. Lich? Nope. Totally optional. In Grineer missions after War Within (I believe), the lights will flicker. Killing I think it's 30 Grineer in 1 min will cause a special enemy to spawn, called a Larvaling. There's a clip from a Kuva Guardian that will pop up. If you down the Larvaling, it will show a picture of a Kuva weapon above it's head, and will prompt you to hold X to turn them into a Lich. Should you summon them, just skip the part where you hold X, and you'll never have a Lich. This will restrict you from getting a Kuva variant weapon, but they're not necessary. (There will be a similar process for the Corpus type 'Lich'/nemesis enemies that I'm not familiar with yet, but will likewise be optional.) Railjack? Technically? Kinda? Barely... but not really necessary. Like.. the Warframe Sevagoth is locked behind Railjack unless you purchase for platinum.. and there are two storyline missions that involve Railjack which you could skip, seeing as you could just watch those parts of the storyline on a youtube video. So yeah, you're all clear. Both Railjack and Lich systems have had a number of reworks since launch, but if it's not your thing, you're not strictly obligated to do it.
  11. Kompressa with Galvanized Shot and Diffusion. Hadn't done enough testing to notice with/without if that's the case, but I'll take your word for it.
  12. If I could use the K-drive mod Vapor Trail, that'd be a total game changer. As it is, I had to remove Aqua Blades for Dispensary, modding for Equilibrium + Synth Fiber to keep energy manageable, and afford much needed healing. I like Sea Snares but, the fact that they don't seek after casting without a target, or how they only cast straight out horizontally and not to aim, really limits it's ability. Means many are wasted for lack of target, or hitting environment. Merulina, I enjoy, but then again I'm a strange case for loving K-drive. My problem is with how, unless I'm mistaken, armor/DR don't effect the amount of damage it takes. Aquablades is a slot for Helminth, and nothing more. I find it odd that it's not effected by Range. Riptide I wish had a duration.. Also the casting seems a little finicky, and sometimes orients sideways off of textures and obstacles in the environment, which seems to really skew whether it picks up enemies. It's powerful with maximum range, but then scatters enemies. Energy consumption required to make Sea Snares and Riptide competent in Steel Path is far more demanding than is sustainable with Dispensary or Spectrosiphon.. even then, she struggles to make it 5 minutes in Steel Path survival. Sincerely wish that abilities Helminth'd onto her kit could be cast from on Merulina... because it makes life vastly more difficult, and energy vastly more scarce.
  13. I'd like to share something here for thoughts to chew on while thinking of Hydroid updates. A while back I wrote up an extensive rework, and revised it with community feedback. It's... long and convoluted, with a lot of nested details and shift states.. but among that were many excellent ideas. If you feel like poking around through it for ideas, help yourself to any you find interesting.
  14. Adaptation works on Yareli, but far as I can tell it doesn't effect the damage Merulina takes. Not sure what if any stats/mods can protect it.
  15. Replacing a Lavos ability through Helminth can occasionally break in Railjack away missions, reverting to an energy cost, and becoming unusable. [img]https://i.imgur.com/zhrrN6B.jpg[/img] Been a bug since Lavos' launch. Would love to see this remedied when ya can. Thanks sincerely for the work y'all do.
  16. The other day I said Kompressa's damage was low.. I'm gonna rescind that. This is a very cool gun. Thank you for making it.
  17. Just a heads up that Kompressa projectiles and magnetize don't play well with each other. The projectile will be given a new course upon hitting the magnetize field, veering it off swifty in a relatively consistent direction, depending it's point of origin. That's a bit unfortunate. Aside from that, it's a neat gun. Hardly strong enough to use, but neat. So like.. not near as bad as the stug, but just as irrelevant in the grand scheme.. which is unfortunate; I'd use it otherwise.
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