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  1. Technically, you are correct. But, I do not agree. Just like how you can debate on what is good or evil, but then also twist the conversation into perspective that if someone believes what they're doing is right, then to them they are the good guys. It's a very interesting discussion and can make for some great stories. Although, I believe most people can distinguish something being inherently political, such as who they're going to vote for, what party they are apart of, or what orgs they support. As opposed to going into semantics and diving into the rabbit hole to show that almost anything can be political.
  2. Yup, my comment was about that BLM is (apparently) both a slogan and an org. I think an org wanting to fight injustice that happens to one race is fine, I also think a company wanting to support it is fine. I support BLM from the standpoint that I do not want anyone to face injustice, my race or otherwise. However, if BLM ever goes to a black supremacy (which I do not think they have) then I will not support them. I do not want to see political stuff on forums as I do not like hypocrisy or selective censorship, allowing BLM support (which is political) but disallowing All Lives Matter, is in itself either hypocrisy (if DE does not want any politics on the forums) or censorship (as they are removing anything DE does not agree with). I would rather see none of it on warframe forums. If DE made a post on their official website (that isn't warframe) or on their twitter I would have no complaints.
  3. Criticism against a group I have good experience/thoughts on is never allowed, criticism against a group I have bad experience/thoughts on is always allowed. Issue is, there is the slogan BLM, but also the organization BLM. As L13 puts it. The Org itself is not concerned with anything aside from the black community, but L13 is saying the slogan applies to all races when it comes to injustice. If you do not believe what I said: Black lives matter's website about page:
  4. The difference is this website is https://www.warframe.com/ not their company website https://www.digitalextremes.com/ This website, and all subsections such as the forums, should be about Warframe and not company views or policies if they are not directly connected to Warframe. No one is mad that DE is against racism, I don't think anyone seriously discussing this is pro-racism, it's just that we don't want to see political views of sides we agree, or disagree, with on this forums. If the mods make exceptions to what political topics are allowed, then it shows as hypocrisy when only some discussions are allowed, if we ban them all on this forums then it's simply a case of those discussions are not meant for this forum. If we take the latter stance, then no one, not even DE, should inject their own views on this forum.
  5. Office politics: activities within an organization that are aimed at improving someone's status or position and are typically considered to be devious or divisive. "yet another discussion of office politics and personalities" The current topic at hand that people are perceiving as political has no association with DE. The person at hand for causing this entire storm of discontent in the world, but primarily the US, is already charged with murder. Justice is being executed just as quickly, if not for the riots, if it was any other case, if not more so because of public opinion. This to me seems like nothing more than a PR stunt as DE has known how bad region chat is for years, it has been topic of numerous conversations for years . It gives me, and I would assume others, a very sour taste of disingenuous act to earn "good boy points" within the community after the severe backlash from said community recently. No one is here seriously trying to oppress people of a certain race, no one is here trying to say anything toxic. They are only, and have only, said that this forum has nothing to do with the political nature that has been injected into this thread. If nothing else, if you would look at this thread and treat it as unacceptable if it was not for a DE member posting it, then this is hypocrisy and as such should be either removed, or purged of political nature and instead simply state that there will be no streams because DE is working on fixing region chat without any other reason than wanting to improve the state of the game.
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