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  1. I have made a video and timed it to see how long a Necramech can be invulnerable for. I wanted to see how a player who doesn't abuse a certain mechanic, in solo would fight this boss. It seems atrocious. Yes, I know you can Octavia it. Yes, I know you can zenurik void blast slow it. Yes, I know you can use x mechanic to make it easier. I think a boss fight should not rely on specific mechanics to make it not annoying. Like the title suggested, I spent a 4 minute boss fight with Necramech, and for 3 minutes out of the 4 I fought it, it was invulnerable and would kill me if I attacked it. In tho
  2. Their invulnerability makes no sense, it seems like the best course of action is to shoot their arms/back with shields so you don't instantly die to their damage reflection that sometimes goes off. That way you can remove their invuln which apparently goes away with attacking it, and not their shroud duration. Also Octavia can currently bypass this mechanic, but I have a feeling DE will fix this interaction before they make Necramechs more acceptable to fight
  3. Any info as to why necramechs are now invulnerable when using shroud and reflect damage back at you? I thought that the last hotfix was suppose to make their shroud have 80% DR not 100%.
  4. Token system is nice, although I think Son needs some tweaks as he requires specific animals while everyone else asks for raw materials. Perhaps a constant stock of basic animals? Also, getting scintillant is horrible. I would've expected better drop rates after breath of the eidolon fiasco. Please, at the very least replace the 10k credit bundle in higher tier bounties with 3-5x scintillant bundle.
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