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  1. Hi! Loving the first Nightwave so far. I finished all the weeklies in two days, so I really enjoy having short term goals to work for! But, I was wondering if you guys could implement something into the "cred offerings", cause since i've finished the weeklies, i have done nothing but search for the wolf in a vain hope to get his hammer instead of a [Molten Impact]! Could you guys add "Wolf Beacons" into the cred offerings for like 20-30 creds each so I don't have to stress about not getting the hammer in the span of 10 weeks?
  2. Tried my hand, I like designing posters, good practice! Type: https://www.dafont.com/i-still-know.font?text=The+Forlorn I took the image in captura with the cross prosess filter, and used the camera raw filter in Photoshop! forlorn [fawr-lawrn] adjective desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance. lonely and sad; forsaken. expressive of hopelessness; despairing:
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