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  1. Brace yourself for the incoming salt storm. To be real, currently the most broken melee weapon doesn’t even need riven to be op. Yes I mean forced slash proc scythe, come and nerf it DE.
  2. The timing is already late to change this setting, just like Hema thing all over again.
  3. Pathetic way to force players to play open world map, as always. How about those mineral drops in normal mission so ppl who r done with poe or orb can have alternatives?
  4. I just assume the system is different before live version. Since all Lich dialogues meaning they keep dying but actual gameplay is quite the opposite. most likely they cannot handle the original system they want so just rush a half-baked, broken system online.
  5. They didn’t solve the RNG root of the cause. Duplicate weapon fusion is just band-aid. If DE insist to lengthen the gameplay time, at least add some kind of control mechanism that players can narrow down the RNG element, can get the weapon they want after some time. Now with purely RNG bs, players saw, “oh fk 10th seer?” And just quit. This is not how “consistent content” is done.
  6. DE should at least play their game at client build some times, check how other players react if this “bug” has been fixed.
  7. No it is far from pay2win. If Kuva weapon can only be upgraded by a special KUVA FORMA which don’t drop in game, only obtained from plat shop, that is pay2win.
  8. I believe it is an oversight and should be modified in later patch. If you guess one correct mod, it should appear at the Lich info immediately and murmur unlock will be for the second one.
  9. Winners already min-maxed the new meta and enjoy it Losers said everything nerfed.
  10. This challenge is good, but some notice or warning in description will be better.
  11. Yeah spin atk is useless now. Why DE makes people do the most difficult choice in the world: To Use other weapons?
  12. Instead, I thought ALL elemental damage should reduce armor, just in different ways. Fire can stack reduction, poison can dot, reduce overtime, lighting can spread the reduction...etc.
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