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  1. They didn’t solve the RNG root of the cause. Duplicate weapon fusion is just band-aid.

    If DE insist to lengthen the gameplay time, at least add some kind of control mechanism that players can narrow down the RNG element, can get the weapon they want after some time.

    Now with purely RNG bs, players saw, “oh fk 10th seer?” And just quit. This is not how “consistent content” is done.

  2. There are lots of better usage with Khora 3 and not just a command button for Venari.

    The pet should be able to cast heal or attack on its own

    Change 3 to resummon the pet if it die, or buff the cat to becomes Super Saiyan Cat or someing , anything, is better than current concept.


    And as long as Whip keeping as a 1 ability and not exalted weapon I don't put much hope for it.

    Other ability I am fine with the idea, let's just see what it actual use like when update arrives.

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