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  1. I hope I haven't missed anyone on the top list ^^' 1. Ticker. A kind soul, trying to help others. Their voice actor and whoever wrote their lines did an amazing job. 2. Ordis. I like me some bad puns, and they're my pal. I wish I could call Ordis important in-game. 3. Cressa Tal (I think her name is, the Steel Meridian lass). Also trying to help out. 4. Teshin. He's just kinda sensible, trying to teach us things, and there we are going "hurr durr don't call me a child even if I act in childish ways". 5. Either Rell, the pal made some kind choices, or Wallie, the chaoti
  2. I would really like if this idea was implemented. There are so many incorrect aspects of the Codex, it'd be neat if Codex got a good combing through.
  3. "Added two brand new music pieces in Deimos!" As in, go scan mandachord parts to get them in orbiter as well? "Necramechs will now increase max level by 2 for each Forma applied, up to Rank 40!" You say that as if it's a good thing. Please. This is so, so, so not fun. Not the part where it takes your formas and not the part where you need to re-level the item over and over again. I have a pair of suggestions, should you want to follow this most annoying trend: Lower the crafting time of the formas to ideally an hour or two, and lower the repeated grind for the "gildable" items. There
  4. After a while, I think most of them are... acceptable. However, second to last "series of three" looks too much like... erm, Vay Heks sigil, and that one as well as the last one are both just a mess. Rank 0 is very neat, imo.
  5. That was quite a read! My feedback: "(...)the Orbiter has received a bit of a facelift, as well as a fresh new sheet of glass!" This looks very neat! When spawning in, I walked around saying "Ooh, fancy", several times. I approve, well reworked. "If you own a Railjack, we highly suggest you look up!" The ceiling glass is a bit too white-reflecting in my opinion. "Necralisk Fast Travel UI now displays the respective Token for each Entrati member." I like the look of this as well, was happy to see it. "Added two brand new music pieces in Deimos!" As in, go scan mandac
  6. DE: Look at our new end-of-mission-screen! Fancy! Community: *gives tons of good feedback on how to turn it from bad to okay, or to simply let us choose to have the old, clear one back* DE: So what we hear are... time to give you a new look for the MR icons! Me: I'd hoped it wouldn't get worse, but I never learn, do I?
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