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  1. Some examples: Punny, even more so than the male one. "Hey Tenno, I appeared again cause I got to think of another dad joke!" Nervous, perhaps. "These barrels are safe, are they not? Wo-wouldn't want them to explode." "I'm not sure I can fight the Tenno, they seem so strong. Wait, are they listening?" Overworked. "They sent me to you again, Adversary. That's my fourth mission just before lunch today. I need a vacation, I've heard good things about Cetus this time of the Earth-year." Night Owl. Yawns daytime, seems happier/less grumpy night-time. Childish: "Hahahahaha! Catch me if you can!" "I wanna play but the Queen says I must find you first." Scientifical: "According to my calculations, this ship should have broken down already." "See that red star over there? So beautiful. In two million years it will... are you listening?" "Medicine won't be able to fix what I'll do to you." Sporty: "Up and at them, my grineer! Don't be lazy!" "I have trained for this moment, Tenno." "I shall kick your dainty head off like a Lunaro ball!" Earlier examples in the order I like them: Groovy, Clumsy, Delusional, Warframe superfan, Absent-minded, Soft-spoken, Whiner, Fear of queens (cause hey, makes lotta sense), Stalker superfan. Well thought, you people! And quirks really aren't that common, which is a shame. Have had 1 of 13 liches had a quirk.
  2. "Submersible Archwing now uses your weapons like open world Archwing does." If I understand this correctly, weapons will use the primaries and secondaries from "ground mode". Just want to say I hope melee weapons works as well and that they'd be nice to have in air/underwater should the player have, say, Castanas and Lenz equipped. They don't have many firing opportunities. "Fixed the Vitruvian power surge during The Sacrifice quest causing the Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear’ to strobe as if it were a light." ...Liset disco when? 😄
  3. Just got my third lich. No ephemera, Same weapon as first lich. There's no incentive whatsoever to go through the whole infuriatingly boring process once more. "Best" case, I get a Lich to trade in order to do the process ONCE MORE to get a weapon I haven't leveled, and mind you, a weapon I STILL have to waste five formas on. I'm not looking forward to updates, I cringe at the thought of whatever new grind there is. I stayed in Warframe throughout the Nightwave grind being introduced, and I have not yet left. But this is wearing my patience really thin.
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