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  1. Thanks for posting, we're currently investigating. If anyone can send a log file to support it might help us track down the problem faster 🙂 Edit: Fix incoming soon
  2. Stopping right now, as of Hotfix 25.1.1 🙂 Please let us know if you find any more problems with individual extraction. There may still be stragglers near the extraction zone, but they shouldn't be actively attacking individual extracting players in hordes anymore. If you were experiencing a drop in performance while one or more Demolysts were active before, hopefully you see some improvement with these changes. Thanks again everyone!
  3. Many thanks again to everyone taking the time to post feedback here. Here's a summary of Disruption changes and bug fixes so far: Hotfix 25.0.1 Fixed the Disruption ‘Energy Drain’ modification applying to the Operator's Energy which prohibited ability to Transfer back. Hotfix 25.0.2 and Doubled the amount of Hexenon reward drop from Disruption. Removed the Disruption 'Conduit Shields' buff as it doesn't do anything to protect the conduits after the design change which added Demolysts. Disruption Conduit Nullifier bubbles now grow over 6 seconds when they spawn, instead of immediately spawning in at full size when the Conduit is activated. Fixes towards not receiving Disruption rewards after a Host migration. Fixed individual extraction not being available for the first 3 Disruption Operation: Hostile Mergers missions. Fixed see unlocalized text/wrong node name when looking at "online status" or receiving game invitation from friends who are playing the Disruption Operation: Hostile Mergers missions that you haven't unlocked yet. Hotfix 25.0.3 Increased Amalgam spawn rate! This will be more noticeable the more players you have in the squad. Disruption Marker UI visibility changes: Increased Conduit and key marker color lightness to make them more visible (in-world, minimap and objective UI) Increased the in-world display range of key pickup markers Lowered the minimum radius of Conduit markers and increased their attachment height Demolysts no longer spawn at the same point for each Conduit, instead they will spawn randomly within a set range from the Conduit. Reduced the force applied to pickups spawned by the Conduit Resupply buff and raised their spawn height further above the Conduit. Made a micro-optimization to the Disruption game mode. Fixes towards Nullifier effects from Demolysts lingering permanently for Clients in Disruption. Fixed a progression stopping issue where the Disruption Conduits would not spawn if you killed a Demolyst at the exact last second of their combustion. Fixed numerous Host migration fixes for Disruption Conduits: Fixed references to Demolysts being lost (fixes Health bar UI issue) Fixed Demolysts not attacking the Conduits Fixed Demolysts not exploding next to Conduits Fixed Demolysts not appearing in the Codex.
  4. Merged some other feedback threads into this one. Thanks for the constructive feedback, we're watching this thread closely so keep it coming!
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