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  1. A few of the new abilities might be useful, but I really don't see myself using that invigorate system. That kind of RNG involved just don't make me want to ever use the system because I don't play frames that I don't play for a reason. Making them more powerful isn't going to make them any fun for me and having to wait 11 weeks to get one guaranteed for a frame I will play doesn't do anything at all to make me want to engage with it. And if I only used it when a frame I enjoy playing popped up, it would take even longer than 11 weeks to get a guaranteed frame. It's the same reason I hate Nigh
  2. If I remember correctly, I think they've said in a DevStream that are considering bringing the option back somehow. I also can't stand being on other people's ships, so I would really like it back myself when choose to play multiplayer stuff. I find more often than not people put the guns I hate the most on their ships and I can't use them or their ships are too poorly outfitted for the content they are trying to do.
  3. TL;DR on the situation is that console companies don't allow accounts to transfer off their platform because it means they lose money on any future transactions involving the game. If contracts weren't blocking it, DE has said they would be more than happy to allow console to PC account transfer.
  4. I'm just going to end up echoing what everyone else is saying here with this, but the Trumna is one of the best guns in the game, so it sounds like a build issue to me.
  5. They are on Eastern Time and they have been known to work late if they are close to getting something out the door, so until Rebb edits and says "Not Today", "quitting time" isn't necessarily an indication of a hard deadline.
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