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  1. It's not really an issue with the power effects, when I use that power, they don't do that. A LOT of it is down to color choice and is an issue across the game. I was in a group a few minutes ago that had a lot of obnoxious, bright colors and the Lenz bubble someone was using became almost completely opaque, which it normally doesn't do in my experience. Think last time I used my Lenz, I could barely see the bubble and kept forgetting it was there.
  2. If there was script on it, it was probably in Orokin. Only syandana I can find that fits the ribbony with symbols description are the Nsaru and Ayla Tennogen syandana. Garuda has a helmet with a ribbon and decoration, but it's not script... That really awful Nova Deluxe bundle has a Hindu theme, but that syandana doesn't have symbols on it... About all I can think of.
  3. Looking forward to trying it out. Looks like a good update, actually looks like an improvement unlike the Limbo changes...
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