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  1. Looking forward to trying it out. Looks like a good update, actually looks like an improvement unlike the Limbo changes...
  2. Depending on how much you play, yes, it can be a horrible grind. Especially if it involves stuff you don't enjoy doing. Some people just really don't enjoy having their gameplay dictated either. If it was a currency system like Baro, I think people would have less of an issue with it. But it's a boring grind to largely get a bunch of stuff you don't want so you can get a few things you might want.
  3. In the past, DE has talked about potentially adding it. Though, their main reason behind it seemed to be more of giving a player carrying only one weapon some form of offense if they get disarmed, not sure they ever discussed making it a proper weapon. But even if DE is still considering adding it, the idea that adding it over significantly more important is just plain unreasonable. Not sure why anyone would be surprised that new, major features that benefit the vast majority of players would be prioritized over something that already has some form of equivalent already in the game and won't have much of an impact at the end of the day, especially if implemented in as complicated of a way as the OP wants.
  4. She feels pretty disjointed on top of only one of her abilities really feeling like it's actually thematic. I mean if you are going to call something Wisp, she's should be a Wil'o'Wisp, who are known for leading travelers astray, not planting flowers and opening portals to the sun. She should mostly be about disorientation and misdirection. Her 2 is the only ability that makes any thematic sense. I also have to agree with Nakrast in that she may very likely become irrelevant after initial release because of how disjointed and underwhelming her ability set is. That or she will become ultra specialized solely for Endless mission types because her abilities are so specialized for staying in on place for longer periods of time. But she will likely be outclassed by any other frame with group buffs for the simple reason that other frames share their buffs automatically and you don't have to wait for her to stop and drop them and run around in circles every time you need one because the player decided to try and use them for their 3 and spread them around. Which brings us to the fact that we know that the vast majority of people do NOT want to micromanage in this game and it looks like her 1 and 3 will be very micromanagement heavy for her in addition to the previously mentioned micromanagement of the other 3 players trying to buff up. You'd think they'd have learned from they mistakes they made with Titania's buff system and not repeated it. Even though Titania still has some micromanagement to do with that, at least it can be used on the move.
  5. Firstly, Nightwave really, really needs the Tier system removed and changed to a currency base system and be more like Baro. I enjoy Warframe, but I have been playing the game for a very long time and I want to continue to do so. Making me work my way through tiers in order to get a very small number of rewards I really do want and feeling like I'm having to work my way through a bunch of rewards I just don't care about is very frustrating and makes me feel like I have to play more than I want to for literally 1 reward. I really don't care about emblems, most sigils and glpyhs, noggles, captura scenes, or emotes. Getting that stuff makes me feel like I'm getting no reward at all because I just do not care about them or want them. I also am a Whale, I don't need slots. I think it's great for the Free to Play players, but I have Warframe slots that will remain empty forever already and I usually have enough plat to buy Weapon Slots when I need them. I'm basically only interested in forma, a mod or two here and there when it's for a weapon I actually like, maybe the Kuva and Armor/Syandana if they look good to me, and the Umbra Forma. And since there's no other way to get Umbra Forma, players with limited time either can't manage it or can't play the game they want to play it. That just makes me resentful because I want to continue enjoying Warframe, but I need to be able to play it at my own pace, which means playing only when I feel like playing and taking breaks when I need to. Barring people from rewards because they have limited amounts of time or simply don't want to get to burnout levels where they never want to play the game again just feels poorly thought out and only caters to the hardcore who can play every day for 10 years without feeling like they are burning out. I need to limit the amount I play Warframe in order to be able to continue playing the game. I am MR26 and have been playing for years, I just don't feel like I will be able to keep up a pace that will allow me to get the few rewards I want out of this system without making me burnout. Making it a Currency based system would make it more of a win for everyone. People who don't play a ton can get the rewards they want, people who want more rewards can choose to play more to get them. Secondly, many of the tasks feel like they dictating what you do in game, especially for people with limited time to play, rather than being something you can accomplish simply by playing. The vast majority of tasks should be things that can accomplished with limited or no forced direction. Opening Relics is one thing, you still get to choose what you play and most people are going to be opening relics to get parts or ducats anyway. Killing a certain number of enemies or focusing on damage types, okay, that's cool, I can do that however I want to do it. But this week we had like 4 tasks that forced me to play specific mission types, 2 of those didn't bother me, but I really don't enjoy Assassinate, Rescue, Capture, or Spy missions very much and the game was forcing me to do Rescue and Spy this week. It's fine if I need to do one of those for a Sortie or something, but other wise, I'd really rather spend my time doing something I enjoy in the game rather than a check list of mission types I don't really like that much. That's especially irritating for people with limited time to play the game because the game is basically telling them "If you don't play the check list, no Umbra Forma for you." Also, this With Friends/Clan is just discriminatory. My clan exists so we have access to dojo benefits because a lot of us take long breaks and we don't want to have to look for clans to join every time we come off a break because we were kicked out of a clan for inactivity. I don't have friends that play Warframe and, even though people will try to counter me by saying it's not difficult, I should not have to go out of my way to find fake friends in order to accomplish something in the game. "In a group", okay, that's fine. And as for the survival issue, 60 minutes is painful for a lot of people, especially ones with time limitations. 40 minutes is pushing it for me and I just get sick of it. My group failed that one by like 10 minutes and I just did not have the motivation or energy to even consider attempting it again because it's just such a long slog for a single mission. Please, just let me be able to play the game as only much as I am able to play it, mostly doing the things I actually want to do in the game, and be able to get the rewards I actually care about.
  6. I wasn't aware of that, but the wiki does confirm that. But let's be honest, that's really useless between the fact that Fire Walker will stagger things and the fact that Nezha is a hyper mobile frame who is designed to get away from enemies, not stand around. It would be useful if he was slow.
  7. All of it sounds good... but I'm really disappointed that the completely useless area effect damage on Warding Halo isn't being addressed. Something either needs to be done with it or it needs to be removed since it serves no useful purpose.
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