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  1. My problem has been than I've been getting the same weapons over and over, back to back on the preview. I've spent hours just getting the same 1 or 2 weapons multiple times back to back. 3 or 4 of the weapon in a row, then 2 of another weapon, the oh, it's that first weapon again, the second is back for 3 in a row, oh hey Weapon 1, I see you are back, whoa a different weapon but I don't need that one so abort, Weapon 1 is back again I see...
  2. They are likely incredibly rare, but still... Nightwave is absolutely atrocious and I'm glad that I actually have a shot at getting Umbra Forma since I gave up on the idea of ever getting one.
  3. So having gotten even further with Railjack, I feel like I should modify my initial feedback. I still stand by what I said earlier, just with some modifications. While actually finding Vidar and Lavan weapons instead of all that Zetki trash does make a huge difference, I still don't feel that the weapons are where they should be. Weapons feel like they need a bit more punch. Not talking anything crazy here, but taking down cannon fodder enemies like Cutters and that spinny missile ship that I can't remember the name of feels like it takes a bit too long given the fact that Flaks, Outraiders, and Crewships have special defenses that require extra consideration to take down. The other option there would of course be to lower the health of the cannon fodder enemies a bit. Given how difficult it is to hit a lot of enemies with a number of guns, a slight damage boost doesn't seem like that big of a deal. And even given the fact that there are perks to lower heat accretion and boost max overheat, the Zetki weapons still seem like they have excessive overheat unless they are absolutely meant to be only used by max rank gunners on ships that are running maxed out Polar Coils. But that is kind of confusing given that Zetki weapons are the most common to find, but actually being able to use them properly requires you to put 511 points into Gunner and have a Piloting that not only has enough ranks to Drift but will also Drift frequently enough and when you need them to... I mean even with fairly high rank Polar Coils get dangerously close to overheating a lot and do overheat relatively often and I'm using Vidars. This one I'm even more annoyed about now because I've had too many groups where the pilot doesn't seem like they make an effort to find loot because I'm not actually sure they know that all enemies drop loot because no one can see it. I've taken to exclusively piloting my own Railjack so that I know we don't fail a mission because the pilot isn't picking up loot and we run out of Revolite. Loot needs to be more visible and Cy needs to actively detect and mark Wreckage ASAP. This is probably my largest opinion shift, but I still think it is somewhat true. Earth and Saturn Proxima sectors feel really rough while Veil Proxima feels more balanced. I think part of that is a progression curve problem and part of it is an equipment problem. Earth missions in particular should probably start off with even lower level enemies. And maybe the equipment problem will be solved by the clan research equipment that the first generation of Railjack pilots simply never had a chance to use because of that 3 day timer. But it feels like there maybe needs to be some adjustments here. Obviously not enough that people get used to feeling like they can abandon the ship and go do whatever they want and not assist the ship, but enough that maybe people feel like they are getting their feet wet first instead of being thrown into the deepend like a lot of people felt like. With full rank 2 or 3 equipment, Veil Proxima doesn't feel too bad other than maybe the damage required to take down the cannon fodder, which goes back to the first issue of not feeling like weapons are doing quite enough damage or Cutters and Takwhatevers having a little too much health.
  4. Really glad to hear that Umbra Forma are reward for this mode. I HATE Nightwave and I knew I'd never be able to tolerate it enough to get far enough into the reward table to get the high tier rewards.
  5. There appears to be a display bug with Railjack weapon stats. I suspect the Quick Info Window is showing the static base stats the RNGesus randomizes off of to come up with the weapon stats. Stats in the QIW are identical for both weapons, but when checking the right hand menu of the Armaments screen as well as the Statistics portion of the Avionics screen, the two weapons clearly have different damage stats from each other.
  6. I went and checked my parts and it's lead me to the conclusion that there is a UI bug. I have 2 Vidar Apocs Mk2s built in my inventory at the moment. When I check the stats by using Tab, they do appear to be identical to eachother. However, when I actually equip one and then select the other, there is a damage difference between the two of ~22 points in the right hand window on the Armaments screen as well as the Statistics portion of the Avionics screen. Now which one is wrong becomes the question. I am more inclined to believe that the quick info window is wrong and the two windows displaying the stats when actually equipped are probably the ones that are correct. My best guess is that it's showing the static base stats that the dynamic stats work off of rather than the actual, altered stats. But as I said, that's a guess right now. Unfortunately my other pair of identical weapons aren't built, so I can't double check that this isn't a bug that is maybe specific the two weapons I am looking at... Edit: Went in and got some Screenshots so I could properly report the bug and figured I may as well throw them on here as well.
  7. 1. I don't know that anyone has an answer for this, but as far as I have been able to see, damage types are mainly about the proc rather than doing more damage to certain ship types. The different ship types seem to rely more on special defenses to make them more difficult to kill, so they really don't need to rely on have different armor types like humanoid enemies. 2. Weapon damage is random, rest of the stats appear to be static based on everything I've found. Not certain HOW random they are and if it's as wild in variation as other ship parts since I trash almost all of the weapons I get without ever looking at their stats. The ones I have doubles of have a pretty small difference in damage stats. 3. It's probably a bit too early for this kind of question as we don't know what all is out there in terms of mods. Only things I've seen for turrets are some damage mods, higher over heat, and more crit chance. Maybe there is one out there or might be added with the Corpus content, but right now I think it might be too early to know. 4. Heat Accretion is how much heat a weapon generates every time it's fired. When that builds up to the maximum level (1000 without the Polar Coils), the weapon overheats and temporarily shuts down. 5. Reload, as far as I can tell, is how quickly the weapon cools down, sort of like weapons with an internal battery rather than an ammo clip. 6. Honestly, I'm a big fan of the Carcinnox (the Toxic one). They do indeed have a higher fire rate and faster projectile speed than the Apocs. I think the Photors might be descent too (may also be hit scan), but I haven't used them in awhile so I can't remember how easy heat management on them is since I don't think I've ever used any but the base and some horrendous Zetki ones. But I'd stay away from the cold gun though... it's slow to fire, slow travel speed, and it's just unreliable unless the enemy is right on top of you. And STAY FAR AWAY from Zetki weapons. It's going to be 80% of what you find and they are absolute trash (that's why I trash most weapons without looking at them). They might look appealing with the really high damage, but they overheat so fast that it's hard to do heat management and you'll spend more time not firing than you do firing. So stick to Vidar and Lavan guns.
  8. In Veil Proxima missions, the repair buff that enemies can get (guessing from Crew Ships) frequently results in them becoming completely invincible long after the regen should have worn off. This has happened to me on just about every Veil mission I've been on. Not sure if it's happening on it's own or not. I have been using Voidhole, which I didn't have in earlier Proxima sectors, so perhaps it is an interaction with the enemy buff and Voidhole if it's not simply just happening on it's own.
  9. Overall, I think Railjack is going to be a great addition to the game. Lot of great ideas overall... but right now I've got some major complaints... Weapons The weapons are trash. Don't get me wrong, the idea behind most of them is interesting... but status effects hardly seem to do anything. Never seen a "confused" ship turn on it's friends, they just keep shooting at me. The effects of Procs don't seem to last long enough to be meaningful either. You zap a ship with an electric gun and short out their system and they restart it seconds later. Neither of those Procs seem to give you any sort of CC that the Proc attached would suggest it should provide. Overheating on many weapons beyond the default is just obscene. Honestly, I feel like I end up killing less enemies with an Apoc Mk2 than I do with an Apoc Mk0. The thing either overheats if you aren't paying attention and if you ARE paying attention, then you spend as much, or even less, time shooting than you would if you overheated and waited for cool down. Even with all sorts of bonuses from Intrinsics and Mods, it's too much. I'd be okay with most of the damage on weapons if Procs actually were meaningful or you could actually keep them for more than 1 second before they overheated. Loot Drops are practically invisible As the title says. I can technically spot them, but it's usually under specific circumstances like I am not the pilot or I am actively looking for them. But if you aren't doing active visual scanning to spot them, they are nearly invisible. They are also way too dim for any practical application. The shape of the glow makes them too easy to mistake for background stars. In the heat of combat, I've seen pilots fly by Wreckage and Mods countless times when I've been in the gunner seat. I've had a lot of missions fail because we couldn't get Cubics or Pustules because the pilot wasn't able to find any, partly do to the lack of ability to actually SEE where the loot is. Ships spin out of control and fly off in some direction, taking the loot further away from the Railjack. Explosions from the ships blowing up frequently pushes loot further away from where the ship exploded, so you can't exactly predict where it's going to end up even if you weren't constantly spinning around and chasing down enemy fighters. Given how Railjack's mode is rendered, we aren't able to waypoint loot outside the ship since literally aren't even in that same physical space, which is why loot, particularly precocious wreckage, needs much stronger indicators. Wreckage REALLY needs Cy saying that he's detected wreckage and activating a waypoint on it. Enemy Damage = Hull & Shields largely meaningless Enemy damage is just obscene. It's not that I'm calling for things to be made easier persay, it's just that things are to the point of ridiculousness right now. As it stands, only the absolutely most skilled at Archwing players with defensive Archwings stand a chance at surviving out there. The Railjack being swarmed by 20 ships doing obscene damage also makes the Railjack's hull and shields completely superfluous. At the end of the day, the ship's REAL HP the countdown timer during a catastrophic hull breach and how much Revolite the Engineer has. I was on a ship with 4k Hull and a ton of armor and the enemy eats through the shields and hull at the same rate they eat through the ones on my own ship, which has half the HP and probably 1/3rd the armor. So right now, it feels like Hull and Shields are largely there for the sake of convention rather than being a meaningful buffer between the poor player who has taken on the role of Engineer sealing catastrophic breaches. As someone who plays the Engineer role probably 75% of the time, I often find that the temporary invulnerability buff after sealing a catastrophic breach is a longer time period than how long it takes enemies to take down Railjack's defenses. So either we need the number of enemy spawns toned down so that hull and shields are actually more effective than a wet piece of tissue paper vs an arrow or the damage needs to be toned down. The Engineering role is the single most demanding role in the game mode. Putting out fires, sealing breachs, killing boarding parties, and managing consumables. Making Shields and Hull actually be somewhat effective may also help deal with the Revolite complaints and make the Engineer role a little less frantic.
  10. Thralls dropping mods was much better than Relics 😕 Shame it was "fixed".
  11. Adding more sources for Requiem Relics doesn't change the fact that they are awful and they don't help the Kuva Lich system be fun. There's already enough relic grinding in the game to get Primes and Ducats and enough going on with hunting down a Larvling, Murmurs, and figuring out the order the symbols work to take down the Lich. Just take out the Requiem Relics, move the rewards elsewhere, make the Requiem Mods permanent but powered by a currency like Void Traces that comes from doing the Lich missions. Rework the T5 Void Fissure mission to be more like Elite Onslaught that works with any relic.
  12. Don't be a jerk because you are mad about something minor being changed. DE has changed plenty of small things I do use and not every change I agree with, but I have never once acted like an idiot that thinks it's going to ruin the entire game or thrown tantrums like a child and threatened to quit over something stupid like removing spin to win yet again or what ever ever lazy exploit people are being mad is being removed this time.
  13. I don't like the idea of Requiem mods being consumables. There's a triple RNG wall to struggle through to get a single mod. What would be a much better system is that we get all the mods automatically and they require a "currency" that comes from the Requiem Relics in order to power the mods. There's enough RNG in the game as it is, we don't need to hunt for 8 mods that require rolling good on 3 different RNG checks just to participate in the Kuva Lich system.
  14. Always hilarious to see how grossly overblown the response to these things are. Legitimately needed balancing, exploit fixes, and things that ultimately result in fairly minor changes to the game are so often met with laughably oversized outrage and Chicken Little Syndrome.
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