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  1. First of all, there's no rule that there can be only 1 frame for each theme. There's multiple fire, fae, and undead frames and no one complains about that. As for "rotting away", Hydroid has never been popular outside of a very niche situations. There's nothing wrong with Hydroid that needs to be fixed, he's just not popular and it's been that way for years and has nothing to do with Yareli. People just don't enjoy playing him very much and I don't think anyone who does enjoy playing him actually wants him messed with at the risk of end up getting completely ruined like when they tried to "fix" Limbo and made him even more clunky and annoying to play than he was before.
  2. Ceryk


    I hate Nightwave and everything about it. It's a terrible system for anyone who doesn't play every day, all day. So I am with you on it being ridiculous having such an important and rare resource tied to it. It would be one thing if Nightwave was designed to reward players strictly based on playing the game and not trying to be a petty little island dictator telling you what you are allowed to do or be punished. But even then, that system still wouldn't be very well designed for anyone who doesn't play 24/7/365. People who have multiple full time jobs or Warframe veterans who can't play every day like myself at the risk of burnout would still be punished by that system unless they moved to a pure credit system that allowed you to take only the rewards you wanted. As it stands now, I don't believe any important resource should be tied to that awful Nightwave system. Credit rewards are too far apart for anyone who can't play constantly.
  3. Having played Steel Path more since the Update now, I will add to my previous thoughts on the attempt to bridge the Arsenal Divide. I still firmly believe Galvanized mods need to not be On Kill. On Kill works great in Normal mode, but it's just not reasonable in Steel Path. It's just too inefficient and slow to ramp up power compared to the Melee mod equivalents. But in addition to that, there's absolutely zero reason to use anything but AoE and Multitarget weapons in Steel Path. Single Target weapons are utterly useless. Single Target weapons need to brought up to the level of AoE weapons. I've got like 30 enemies shooting at me at any one time in Steel Path, single target weapons aren't cutting it with such lack luster damage compared to doing the same, or likely far more, damage but against multiple enemies. The Arcanes are iffy as well. Firstly, the whole point was to bridge the gap between Melee and Ranged, but there's an arcane that's about melee damage rather than strictly ranged. While that's cool and all, it doesn't feel like it serves the purpose of bridging the divide, it seems like it does more to solidify Melee's dominance to me. There should have been one for Status rather than or in addition do the Melee one. And as mentioned above, no reason to use single target guns in Steel Path, so Deadhead is pretty much useless. And the Merceliss mods? It's way too hard to ensure kills every 4 seconds because it doesn't feel like Galvanized mods are doing what they are supposed to do well. I still find it significantly faster to slap enemies around with Melee. Everything feels more like a bandaid that's falling off than a fix to me. I really wish it was all scrapped and the Damage 3.0 rework was restarted to actually fix the problems properly and deliver on the promise of removing as many mandatory mods from the game as possible.
  4. It's time for a them to follow through on the Damage 3.0 overhaul that was discussed years ago, not just enemy damage. Especially if they get rid of certain mandatory mods...
  5. Yeah, as BansheePrime said, DE has already announced that the next free roam area is supposed to be the place where the Duviri Paradox takes place unless they change their plans, which appears to either be in the Void or some sort of Void-like pocket dimension that will likely entirely new enemies we've never seen if that were Dax looking living sculpture thing in the teaser is still their plan. Since they are currently in the mind set of delivering on past promises and they have added that Void Worm to the game that was in the teaser, Duviri Paradox will most likely be the big story update in 2022 since it sounds like New War is supposed to wrap up a lot of the story stuff that's gone on in the Sol System. DE has stated on a number of occasions that they'd like to send use to new places we've never seen that are outside the Sol System, and the Void certainly fits that description unless they really plan on sending us to Tau, which is what some of us believe was the original idea for the Railjacks being added to the game before they turned it into it's own game mode.
  6. Yeah, sure people still complain. A very, very, very, very small number of people, mostly people who invested a lot of time in those systems because it allowed them to make huge profits. The Solar Rails was a handful of clans warring over the rails so their clan could demand tribute from anyone playing Dark Sectors in the form of a cut of their resource and credit drops and when the fighting was going on, the Dark Sectors were unavailable for several days at a time which screwed everyone over because Dark Sectors were the best way to level back then. But it was only like the very top clans that participated in it, so hardly anyone was apart of it. The Trials thing, DE flat out said it was a very dedicated, but small group of Arcane farmers that totaled less than 1% of the player base when they made the announcement they were removing Trials. No one else wanted to play Trials because they were super boring and ultra meta controlled.
  7. So I really haven't played World of Warcraft, so correct me if I am wrong, but if I understand it correctly, the big thing about Cataclysm was that it changed world pretty drastically. I'd say that that was pretty unlikely for New War to do. It would likely mean that DE would have to strictly segregate players based on mission progress, which is something they seem to have been pretty hesitant to do because it would result in making grouping more difficult for a lot of people. At most, I could see them possibly doing something visual on the client side that maybe makes some purely cosmetic changes, like maybe if you have completed New War, the tower in Cetus is flagged to appear damaged or something. But I honestly don't see anything major changing. Even when probably the most significant major event story wise happened that realistically should technically have made a permanent change, the only real result for overall gameplay was a minor graphical change. So yeah... at most, it will probably either be very superficial cosmetic changes on the client side that don't mess with the geometry or it will some sort of new mission you can manually choose to play (similar to something like Syndicates or Nightmare) or something like Thermal Vents or Ghoul infestations where the Sentients pop up and cause problems once in awhile. I'm sorry, but that's not even remotely close to being true. Assuming you mean Trials and not the actual mission type called Raid from very early on that most people probably don't even know existed, DE stated that less than 1% of players engaged with content like Solar Rails and Trials. They were removed because no one liked them or wanted them in the game except a very minuscule group of people that liked and benefited from. It's quite literally impossible to be in hot water when 99+% of people don't care and are completely unaffected by the removal of something they didn't play in the first place or outright just made things annoying.
  8. Ceryk

    tenet diplos

    As long as you aren't using the homing mode and sticking to hip fire, the weapon is really strong. But, yeah, the Homing Mode is utterly useless the way it stands now.
  9. Overwhelming majority doesn't want any competitive modes in Warframe. DE hypothesized something similar, that maybe people would engage with a less violent form of PvP because maybe it was people not wanting Tenno to fight that put them off, which resulted in Lunaro. It was not. It was that the people who play this game are here for cooperation, not competition. They've run a few competitions like you are talking about to introduce a few Wraith/Vandal variants, but a lot of people complain every time they've done that. But DE has also not run an event like that in a very long time because people don't like it and they are better off spending their time elsewhere. We put up with it because it gave Mastery Fodder, but a game mode would get ignored.
  10. Exactly this. I think a lot of Devs simply don't understand that there are actually factions within the gaming community and we don't all like or want the same things from games. Simple fact of the matter is that PvE Coop games will primarily appeal to people who hate PvP and people who may like PvP, but play the game specifically because that aren't in the mood for PvP. Took DE 3 failed attempts to add PvP to the game to understand that most of the people who play Warframe don't want anything to do with PvP or are playing Warframe because they aren't currently in the mood for PvP. Hopefully the third time was the charm and they know not to waste their time on PvP no one wants.
  11. So... here's the thing you don't seem to be taking into account... You are talking about strictly pure PvP games there. Literally every single time I have heard about backlash to crossplay in PvP games it's because PC gamers inevitably end up completely dominating Console gamers because of the undisputed superiority of M+K over Gamepad for certain types of games like Shooters. Warframe is a PvE Coop game. By virtue of that fact alone, the backlash will likely little minimal unless crossplay is not implemented well enough since no one does or even wants PvP in Warframe. Not to mention, as far as I can remember, basically every PvE game I've played that has crossplay enabled gives you the option to disable crossplay and I'd be surprised if DE didn't do that. Not to mention, there is Cross Save, which will likely stop a good deal of backlash because people are able to transfer to different platform based on who is available to play with if they really don't want to do crossplay. Not saying there may not be some issues to deal with, but simple fact of the matter is that problems with crossplay in PvP games are generally due to the controls, which is an issue that is not really applicable to problems a PvE game might face with crossplay.
  12. It's probably because you can't Mercy Kill a Nemesis enemy. Secret Mercy is it's own thing as far as I am aware. I could be wrong, but I believe Swift Mercy is only designed to speed up the flow of regular combat. Secret Mercies have more going on and a cinematic attached to them, so I may be visual and under the hood problems with speeding it up.
  13. They need to fix Galvanized mods before they start adding others, but yeah, I was playing my Necramech the other day and felt like my Archgun wasn't packing as good of a punch after the introduction of Galvanized mods. Faction Mods I'm against though. I don't support them being in the game with the state modding is in since most weapons only have 1 or 2 free slots if they have any at all due to the whole Mandatory Mod situation... Not sure how I feel about stuff coming off Orbs at this point either... The fights are a bit too much of a pain for farming the number of arcanes you need to max them all out.
  14. Chances are pretty high that's the case unless they cut out where he's detonates the bomb in resistance to Erra. But more than likely, he'll get Amalgamized and we'll have to fight him.
  15. You seem to be confusing the content of a solo, story driven quest experience that tells the story of multiple factions who are all affected equally with a new mode.
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