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  1. I already reported this bug twice time before and still only playing the nekros with this bug. Today found something during the game play. So I report it in here.(Sorry for cannot capture the image or video...) Bug - When nekros recasting the 'Shadow of the dead' ability after far moving from previous activate place. Some or all shadows are not response to recall. So nekros using the 100 energy with no shadows summoned. During the play nekros player must wait for expire remain shadows for summon new one. Today's happening During the solo playing in mobile defense mission. When enemies repositioning for new place after activate another mobile defense target. One of my shadow also repositioning with enemy. He already in front of me without using the casting ability. After I found that fact and recasting the 'Shadow of the dead', there is no shadow are repositioning from previous area. Only one shadow already positioned with enemy stand near it's own caster. Not sure about all of the situation with this bug are happen like this logic. But, sure about this one causing bug with using 100 energy without repositioning my shadows. Seems like 'Shadows of the dead' NPC are treating normal enemy NPCs. So when player fast travel in the battlefield with high speed causing reposition of all NPCs in that game and this trigger the player's 'Shadows of the dead' also try to replace like other enemy NPCs do. But they remain the area cause player not using the 4th ability. After player using the ability with this 'shadow of the dead' their state with error between 'Player summoned npc' with 'Previous enemy npc' system or maybe no player remain area will clean previous area data for current area process. But player's shadows are remain old area. This make those 'Shadow of the dead' NPCs aren't reposition near the player. I don't know how the game system progressing. So both are my guess. (On the map they usually remain previous place or out of the map with blue dots). Personally, it must be change 'Shadow of the dead' NPCs category for unaffected this replacing NPCs. If can't hope to be gain the ability for expire the 'Shadow of the dead' with remain the summon list or Change their state like Atlas 'Rumblers' which cannot far away from the player(They always teleport back to the player when out of range. Wukong's celestial twins ability also have this system)
  2. Passive : Void leakage - When out of the shield, void type damage pulse occur until shield regenerated. 1st ability : Forsaken - Using Hp instead of energy. Launching the parts of warframe. Targeted enemy suffer continuous void damage and suffer radiation proc. Targeted enemies attack to other enemy will cause radiation procs. 2nd ability : Anomaly space - Enemy who entered the ability area, their special action will cause self damage. For example, Using grenade will explode and damaging it's owner and nearby enemies. Grappling hooks are damaging itself. Spitting infested range attack also damaging itself. Summoning ability will change their team neutral. 3rd ability : Reassemble - Targeted enemy will take % damage from it's own maximum HP. Each faction type will offer different bonus to warframe(Grineer will offer extra Hp like iron skin, Corpus offer shield recharge rate bonus, Infested offer movement speed with wall latch time bonus, Sentient will offer Tau damage resistance bonus) If enemy died by this ability, it will offer the extra shield to warframe. Forsaken affected enemy will take more damage and offer more bonus. 4th ability : Instability - Activated, shield recharge cool time change 0 seconds and every incoming attack will be stored. After expired ability, warframe gain void energy pulsing area. Each pulse will recharge ally's energy like death orb in void tower. But activated warframe can't gain energy. Instead their attack will be boosted with void type damage. Those pule also affect finisher damage to near by enemy(Finisher damage same as replenish energy amount). Expired pulsing duration considered by stored damage amount.
  3. -What happen to the 'Echoes of the umbra' which showing in prime time broadcast? -Great to further upgrade of shield by 'shield gating' 🙂. Any other news about warframe rework or new augement mods, pet 2.0? -Also nowadays love to collect some kuva liches weapon to get 60% bonus which recently update. But if there is any news about new kuva lich weapons with other factions. Really want to hear about it in this devstream 🙂(If announce about infested lich, even the plan it really glad to hear about that).
  4. Ask only sound... in this time? Actually I just prepare for ask something about below... - When primary kitgun come out. Can we use same kitgun riven for primary and secondary at the same time? For example, I have kitgun riven for A(Ex : Rattlegut) and using it for secondary kitgun already with A. But also want to using A riven for primary kitgun. In this situation, we need riven B or can use riven A both primary & secondary? - Some old tennogen weapon skin are seems like enough to use other weapon but they are limited to use specific weapon. Is there any possibility for using same melee category? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=563773487&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=565667639&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=565165703&searchtext= These three skin seems like can use every hammer, one handed sword, two handed sword. But they limited to use 'jat kittag', 'skana' and 'galatine'. Hope to be they change for same weapon category to use.
  5. Finally showing TennoGen 18 what will contain! 🙂
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