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  1. When riven cap increase to 120 maximum. Hope to be it will contain daily tribute free riven slot. Already got some free riven slot with 3 riven mods as reward from daily tribute.
  2. Is there any possibility to custom weapon like zaw and kitgun can use deluxe weapon skin? Like Dorkhram zaw with two handed grip can use 'Thanatos scythe skin' . Also 'Catchmoon' and 'Rattlegut', 'Tombfinger' kitgun can use 'Perla pistol skin'. Those deluxe weapon skin are nice designed to use. But sadly, only can be use other weapon except custom weapon .
  3. No twitch drop... hope to be hear about 'Bloodshed sigil' related event... But seems like not this time. Glad to see more MOA brackets :)(If there will be a infested kit gun with infested moa, it will perfect to me!)
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