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  1. -Just like a 'Oscira pistol skin' can use secondary kitgun. Can't we use 'Oscira rifle skin' on primary kitgun? -Velocipod K-Drive skins are sold in 'Father' and 'Daughter' not only 'Son'. -Warframe cannot do anything when bug happens during equip deimos fishing spear and freezing like before. So still this bug happen after this update.
  2. - Any plan for melee exilus mod slot with mods like other primary and secondary weapons? - Any news about pet 2.0 and railjack command intrinsics? - Infested kit gun will come only secondary? or include primary? - New kuva lich weapons? - Any plan for add +90% physical & +60% status chance mod for primary? - Any plan for add warframe augment mod slot?
  3. Not fix this one... shadows of the dead still not re-positioned when recasting. Only using the 100 energy, without any shadow follow.
  4. How about testing with shield lancer in the simulacrum? With AI Pause. Simulacrum with shield lancer test is easy way to show penetrate or not. Also using the naramon focus 'Void Hunter' reveals enemies within 10m / 12m / 18m / 25m through walls. This will clarified between two situation which one is hit but punch-through not work or other thing is wrong aim.
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