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  1. -Any inform about how primary and secondary weapons treat like melee weapons which can use in steel path? -Any plan to release Primary weapon version mod which melee and secondary physical/status mods like 'Carnis stinger' and 'Carnis mandible'? -How is pet 2.0 going? -More kitgun arcane release during deimos update. Any news about more zaw arcane and warframe arcane? Imagine new zaw arcane can treat like wolf sledge hammer do which throwing like glaive weapon type. Also warframe gain new arcane like arcane dispel which can endure 50% chance to ignore ability dispel.
  2. Wolf sledge hammer is hammer type melee weapon, but can throw like glaive type weapons. Seem like it doesn't need to new parts for grip and strike to build new glaive type zaw. In my opinion, add new exodia(ex: Exodia throw or glaive) which when equip it to zaw, then possible to throw like wolf sledge hammer did.
  3. Want to talk about Panthera prime's fire rate. After using this weapon. Seems like primary and secondary fire rate need to convert each other or increase secondary fire rate. Primary fire rate 3.67 and secondary fire rate 2. But this weapon's primary fire rate(3.67) is okay, because player can move to cover and fire it far from enemy. But secondary fire need to player move for it's range(seems like 8 meters). However even player enough range for secondary fire, this weapon cannot kill enemy as player expected. Other primary beam fire weapons(range limited weapon)/( Source from https://war
  4. Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.6 Fixes: Fixed Nekros Soulpunching an enemy to raise them as Shadow not respecting modified Shield of Shadows power strength if that enemy is your first Shadow. Fixed Nekros Soulpunching a victim to death not raising the victim as a Shadow for Clients. Known issue: using Soulpunch to ‘mark’ a victim and then killing them with a weapon will not raise them as a Shadow for Clients Good!😄
  5. During game play. Using the soul punch to enemy which less than 25% health can create shadow of the dead :) But Seems like they do not benefit by mods like augment, strength, duration. Below the screenshot my shadow of the dead stats while in mission. (ESC-> Ability) It's showing 9% damage migration active by shield of shadows. But Below the screenshot tested in simulacrum and there are 7 shadows which full squad and only offer 35% damage migration. Also they are feels like weaker than summoned one seems like they also not benefit by strength and duration
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