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  1. - Clan name : Jade Dragon- Clan tier : Shadow Clan rank 10- Clan platform : PC- Your Clan role : Founding Warlord -Theme Haunted good luck to all.
  2. - Clan name : Jade Dragon- Clan tier : Shadow Clan- Clan platform : PC- Your Clan role : Founding Warlord -Theme Haunted It's good you were able to meet me here on such short notice... I know you usually deal with Maroo, so I'm willing to make you a great deal. Four years ago, while scouting for derelicts, I discovered a most unusual dojo. Even seeing its exterior for the first time still haunts me. What appeared to be abandon from the outside was near pristine inside, with a strange mechanical beauty. The plant life was captivating. But then I noticed these plants were "alive" and seemingly over taking the structure itself. I accessed a data panel which was still functioning. and was able to get a map from the default display... It is 100 rooms divided into 7 sectors spanning 4 decks..brimming with treasures and technology worth billions of credits. all for the taking if you get there in time.. Who knows what can be found. I even seen the Vault, which words can not describe what it may hide. with transportation vehicles you can explore every corner taking what you want.. some of the areas have been undisturbed for centuries. is it Dangerous? well... i'm sure it's nothing you can't handle. I'm sure if you stick with your crew, everything will be fine... as long as you keep your head, above water. The fact is I have taken many on this tour over the years. and I know there is someone always watching. Looks like a Solar storm is moving in. I have an orbiter near by with supplies and equipment, If we leave now???? Other than the eye candy The Jade Dragon is fully decorated it contains several puzzles, codes, quotes, and a small origin story. I want to thank all the members past and present for their time and help in the creation of our dojo and community. We celebrated our 4th year with warframe this month and looking forward to the future. if you have been to our dojo and won, then you know the generosity of our group and community over the years. the truth is we don't want a trophy to prove we are a great dojo, this we already know,. we want the map location so we can share our creation with others.
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