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  1. The OP has a great point.. even if his terminology is off.. instead of ban, they mean exile ( to remove from the clan never to return) this may not be an ip exile, but should be at the least a handle exile (by name) even if it was something as simple as linking the warlords (report list to the clan).. after all i have a duty to the members of my dojo. i place a code of conduct so that other members can game without the worry of some hate speech, troll or just plain foul rant. i agree with him and the guy that pulled the "you need to define yourself" card, to change the subject of the post.. is
  2. Look OP I get it you heard of this great new item that had never been mentioned before and your imagination went wild. A rainbow of kuva each with it's own special power. But the truth is this spooky story is the only reference to the substance "blue kuva". and hopefully the last.. On top of that the story simply list blue kuva as allowing the group to use transference into the Ostron bodies, and the red kuva to make the transference permanent. this is all fine for "lore" meaning it is the way things once were.. just like jedi once used proto light-sabers with backpacks and cords attached, but
  3. Good stuff, glad to see these items returning.
  4. A look at the Cambion Drift and Necralisk by a low orbit fly over. not edited
  5. OMG can this trivia game have any more problems? first there was a slow mode on chat with a 20 minute cooldown, the questions though obscure were not that bad.. But at the end i'm prompted with a pop-up that says i had won and to enter my e-mail. and here it is almost a week later and nothing.. is DE just wanting me to share my email with other comapanies or were they not able to see it from my linked warframe and twitch accounts? Not even worried about filing a ticket to get said rewards.. DE should have had their ducks in a row to start with.. To me Trivia was a failure and i'll just avoid
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