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  1. Make his 2 not target Gazed enemy and the sound glitching when you have 15 guns from his 2 is annoying. Its like skipping, lagging, overlapping...its super distracting and unnecessarily loud.
  2. Something similar happened to me today, like ~30 mins ago. I joined a clan squad. We were farming Steel Essence in Ophelia. I had 130 ping because host was probably not from EU. Drop count was ridiculous because we had all boosters on + Khora, 2 Nekros and me Speedva. At 65 mins it stopped picking up loot, didn't see enemies, doors didn't open. Then suddenly the doors opened and I decided to check where are the enemies because I couldn't see them...they were just standing still. I could still activate life support and type in chat...they saw me moving and I saw them. After like 5 mins of
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