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  1. --RV--Draconian

    Abuse of Umbra's passive in index(people afk the whole game).

    The main problem with banshee wasn't that you can farm with your eyes closed, it was that people in a party with banshee couldn't have fun, because everything around her was dead. Was that not the reason for the nerf? With Umbra you can still have fun, there's plenty of enemies in the Index.
  2. --RV--Draconian

    Abuse of Umbra's passive in index(people afk the whole game).

    Yes, i've read everything. Why is it annoying for you specifically? They are in the operator form, while the objective is being taken care of. How is it a problem? They are not afk being useless.
  3. --RV--Draconian

    Abuse of Umbra's passive in index(people afk the whole game).

    When people other than yourself are killing everything without using Umbra, are you fine with that? Pretty sure Umbra gets you the same end result. So how is it less fun \ more annoying for you personally?
  4. --RV--Draconian

    Loki Rework: Not just for Veterans

    As a Loki main, i think Loki needs some touches. Not a whole lot though. I agree that Safeguard Switch should be innate. However, instead of damage on radial disarm i think we need another thing - an augment that allows your Decoy to explode when destroyed. I think it would add some nice synergy with radial disarm, and utility for both starchart and endless missions.
  5. --RV--Draconian

    Why all frames were human big theory

    Even if we put aside everything we know from quests, why would a machine of war resemble a human, if it wasn't made in human image (so to be used by or from a human) or was planned to be integrated into human society? Look at Corpus proxies, they are machines first, meaning they were designed for specific purposes, and when you do that, you don't have to nor do you need to repeat the human frame, because it's not the most efficient form for war, arguably. Sentients are not human-like as well.