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  1. TL;DR: 1) Reworked Ember is much better than she was before. 2) Grendel is locked behind a masochistic "challenge". 3) Reworked melee looks exciting, but performs much-much worse. 4) Exilus adapter for weapons is fine and really useful in some cases. 5) Alucard kitty with instant revive ability is awesome. 6) Parazon is kinda cool as a tool, new finishers look fascinating. But getting mods for this one is frustrating as hell. At least there is an option to buy those mods just for 75 plat. That's what I did. 7) Kuva Liches. That's where the real hell starts. You accidentally blow a larvling up. If you had known the consequences of this, you'd leave it alone. After this you are... in a real trouble. This new pikachu strikes fear into you... Fear before grind-walls. You need to get relics from Kuva Floods (where chance is 100%, on Kuva Siphon mission chance is ~30%). Next step is to refine this relics using Traces (1k traces I had were enough for me, so I've bypassed this wall) to have a decent chance of getting one of eight Requiem mods that you need to be able to create all possible combinations of three mods that are installable on Parazon. If you are lucky enough, you can trade duplicates for those mods you don't possess. After that you just grind through your Lich's Thralls while periodically getting annihilated by your Lich. You have to kill 150 Thralls in total to unlock all three clues about what mods should be on your Parazon. It's better not to do this solo. Trust me. Aaand... Do you think your suffering has ended after this? Ha-ha. You have to determine an order of Requiem mods to successfully avenge yourself. 6 possible combinations -- 5 deaths. Your Lich now has rank of 5 and every single node controlled by this abomination becomes Sortie-level. I was lucky enough and have determined the correct combination right after getting the third clue, but anyways my Kuva Lich became R5. I've converted my Lich (because I didn't like her weapon) and lost one mod charge on each of three Requiem mods installed. Not gonna do this again.
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