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  1. Type: in-game, arsenal Description: The select and search bars in the foundry and arsenal also sometimes become completely blue when using them. Mods only render halve their textures when opening the mod menu and it takes up to a minute for them to completely render. Visuals: https://imgur.com/a/pgLLm94 Reproduction: Open Foundry r arsenal or mod screen (in-game settings are all at max and running on a gtx 1070 ti on 32:9 ratio) Expected Results: No visual artifacts and everything should render perfectly Reproduction rate: 10%
  2. For the glaives i think a charge up time for heavy attacks of 1.0 instead of the proposed 1.2 would sit a lot better with the playerbase. For the damage decrease of quick attacks, i think it's understandable that there needed to be some adjustment though i again feel it should have been closer to approximately 65% and not approximately 50%. Those are all my thoughts on the glaive so far i hope you take them into consideration from a player whose most used melee weapon has been the glaive prime for a long long time (back than with invisible Loki and power throw😉)
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