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  1. The problem is that the way to receive the bonus payout which is the actual reward is almost out of your control and on top of that bugged and does not work most of the time. I dont mind doing a long ground or space mission but the victory payout only if flotilla reaches 100/100 is both needlessly complicated and bugged. Just let people run the mission. If they stay longer they get more points scaling and the bonus victory payout depending on points is received on mission end directly without poorly explained buggy flotilla shenanigans.
  2. Completely agree just give the reward on end of mission no 100/100 victory payout BS.
  3. I have literally revived a payout from flotilla just once and never receive global event points from ground missions and only sometimes from space. I got the post mission points to spend in shop but its like the game doesn't recognise them anywhere else. Also since matchmaking is horrible joining a squad usually involves leaving flotilla, inviting entering flotilla and entering flotilla where you already had progress is basically luck. Does game keep track so you can still get payout from old flotilla, what about if you have to exit the game and logout? Honestly the bonus payout only if 100/100 that flotilla is a terrible idea just give the people their rewards on end of mission regardless of flotilla progress. Its out of your control, feels completely random is not explained at all, payouts are bugged, why do it like that at all. I dont understand whats the point of making it needlessly complex like that.
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