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  1. No Equinox changes? None at all? Not even making her 3 working like her augmented 4? 😕
  2. Will there be a small rework accompanying her? She quite needs an update for the current state of the game. Her lack of fluidity is truly preventing an enjoying game play focusing on her unique aspects (pun intended) - and given the reliance on augments to prevent so, it would very much be appreciated that the base frame, without those specific mods, would get a pass.
  3. Though Ive been enjoying the changes made, the right click combos, while working okay-ish, have the annoying habit of swapping back to the gun you were using as soon as you stop melee-ing. This is 1)inconvenient, since it removes the auto-parry that one might be using, and though non-attack melee to weapon swap is nigh instant, nigh is not instant. 2)extremely cumbersome for "melee uses gun trigger" players, such as me, since that to keep melee-ing, they now have to alternate between left clicking and "E" whenever they execute a block combo. If it was possible to make the character not swap back to their gun whenever a block combo is executed, that would be greatly appreciated.
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