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  1. Some of you need to go out more
  2. Guess I won't even bother getting her. More time for me I guess?
  3. No Equinox changes? None at all? Not even making her 3 working like her augmented 4? 😕
  4. Unacceptable indeed.
  5. Will there be a small rework accompanying her? She quite needs an update for the current state of the game. Her lack of fluidity is truly preventing an enjoying game play focusing on her unique aspects (pun intended) - and given the reliance on augments to prevent so, it would very much be appreciated that the base frame, without those specific mods, would get a pass.
  6. That seems like something interesting that would compensate for the energy hog that Pacify can be - though it's one of those possible changes that require playtesting. The issue of wasted storage still applies, however. It is a mostly psychological effect - but then again, so is enjoyment in general.
  7. Though Ive been enjoying the changes made, the right click combos, while working okay-ish, have the annoying habit of swapping back to the gun you were using as soon as you stop melee-ing. This is 1)inconvenient, since it removes the auto-parry that one might be using, and though non-attack melee to weapon swap is nigh instant, nigh is not instant. 2)extremely cumbersome for "melee uses gun trigger" players, such as me, since that to keep melee-ing, they now have to alternate between left clicking and "E" whenever they execute a block combo. If it was possible to make the character not swap back to their gun whenever a block combo is executed, that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Wholy agreed - but Let's also remember that pacify, without the augment, is pretty much useless. Another idea for Mend is for it to apply an iron-skin like effect. Possibly timed, if after tests, the ability proves too powerful - though given the current average power level of frames, I genuinely do not know if that would be a problem.
  9. I agree Mend & Maim are replenishable quite fast, only in Maim's case do I think said replenishment happens fast enough and the ability offers enough immediate benefits that make it worth the time it takes to replenish back - that area stun has saved me more time than Mend ever did. I don't think Mend is a good enough ability for anything, if you want my opinion. Though the current iteration that allows shield replenishment by killing enemies gives it some constant benefit to be kept active, shield regeneration values are abysmally small and only gained on enemy death. Plus the fact you have to store hp, the waste of said extra hp stored, coupled with its channeling cost - that prevents proper energy restoration to feed the sink that is Pacify (let's ignore the fact it's a mostly disregardable ability without the augment) - makes it a rather bad "oh sh!t" heal. If Energy Transfer is a staple augment, it's not only because it allows free(er) flow between Day and Night form, but also because it lets us rely on Maim's constant usefulness and reduce Mend to nothing but a pontual, side heal - which, unless you have a nit-tight squad full of aoe weaponry around you and a kink for purple shields that aren't recoverable fast enough if the situation gets really bad, is its only use. Though frankly, the biggest issue to me is the recasting itself and everything it involves - downtime and momentarily being locked in the same spot. Even having to build the store back up every time you change form would be more bearable than if abilities didn't have to be recastable every time you switch form. However regarding Peaceful Provocation build-ups - I've always being terribly critical of it, specially Pacify's. It locks her even more into one form, further worsening her lack of fluidity - while also being a somewhat band-aid fix for Pacify, and being a pain (literally, suicidal) to build for exactly this ability. The only way to make it bearable is to make the ability actually worthwhile by default, so that I don't have to use the augment if I want pacify to be minimally useful.
  10. I've heard that proposal before, and while it would make aesthetical sense, in practical terms I don't think it is so viable or desirable. Rift Walking is by nature escapatory (you are literally going into another dimension), and with the exception of Banish, none of the powers change their behavior according to whether you are in the rift or not (and I remember it was/is contentious the fact that Banish functionality depends on what plane you are). Given that the dodge is the escapatory action by default, superimposing both mechanics is perfectly viable. Form changing, on the other hand, is not inherently so - and by point and design changes the behavior of all of Equinox's abilities. If I wish to use rage on an enemy but quickly need to dodge an heavy 's slam, I'd be forced to see myself in Night form - and unable not only to use rage without another dodge, but also loosing Provokes and Maim's functions that I might have wished to keep (even for the split second it takes to dodge again). It would be a superimposition of two completely different functions that are usable in too different situations - in short, there is no point in doing so. In addition, many people decried Equinox demanded a "Swith tax" for balance and fairness reasons to other frames. I agree - however while many use that argument to justify maintaining her clunky and unfluid as she is, I've always seen and defended that the lack of a 4-ability kit is exactly that. Freeing up an ability slot is not only unnecessary, it is undesirable. However, it is perfectly viable to, instead add metamorphosis functionality to the dodge, do the inverse - adding a dodge component to Metamorphosis. That would make it look cooler.
  11. Casting cost can be compensated by adding it to metamorphosis - though both are so neglegible I don't think it's a relevant change. Casting time, on the other hand, does not dissappear in the process - it is a fundamental part of the process.
  12. Well I used to sporadically post big, big walls of text about her in the forums - some of them probably more aggressive than what an issue in a game might deserve tbh - pretty much ever since she got introduced. The criticism evolved more or less in different directions - but most of it stayed the same. I frankly wished she got a Neha-like pass: something conservative that works on the concept and the potential of the mechanics and gives something fluid, effective in its own right, and interesting with little to no unpolished corners (read: useless or frustrating abilities) left. Equinox has a magnificent concept and quite interesting mechanics that can be developed into something interesting - and simply making form-changing a downside-less action would be a massive step into that direction. But hey, the devs were only beginning to really explore with frame (mechanics) design when she was made, and that was also a time when discussions regarding difficulty and cheese were much more intense, and centered around frame powers (namely CC) and not the environment. Plus, she was and is useful - in the aspect that she can be an amazing asset in the right situation, namely Sanctuary - so the lacking of her kit, both in terms of effectiveness and player engagement are kinda drowned in the maim bomb. But hey. We'll see how it goes. If you want to bother, check my posts about her. They are kinda old though, and I was not exactly in my best mental place at the time - so if I sound obsessive or overly bothered, don't be amazed.
  13. It was a cosmical inevitability it would happen, ain't it? I'll just wait and see how it goes. And yeah, that was always a big issue. Many if not most people do that - and I frankly believe the "stick to an half" approach being the most viable build kinda undermines the concept. Might has well just separate her into two different frames, isn't it?
  14. With Equinox Prime right around the corner, it is possibly the best moment to discuss and propose changes that she might have always warranted, and given the current direction the mechanics of this game are shaping into, may warrant even more. I've been (very) critical of some specificities of her ability design for almost as long as I've enjoyed this frame and her concept, and given how much of a landmark getting primed can be considered in the "lifetime" of a frame, I've dusted myself back onto these forums in order to present some personal views of this frame, the game, as well as what ought to be done with her. In the shortest amount of words possible, she lacks fluidity. Melee 2.9, the changes to Nezha, the talks about making running the default movement speed, between other things, imply and display how this game is investing more and more into what was one of its incipient strength: fluid, fast paced combat. Controls themselves, waiting times, etc, are rarely if ever used as a difficulty technique. The game is fast, and most (clearly including the devs) enjoy it as such. Equinox stands, therefore, as increasingly aged and unpleasant to use (barring possibly the recourse to augments, which should never be a resource to make a frame engaging) due to mechanics that might kinda have made sense back then, but most definitely no longer do. Namely: the fact her abilities deactivate after changing forms, instead of changing with her. Her concept, centered around duality, and the complementarity of opposites, practically demands quick form changing in order to best adapt to the environment and synergize herself with herself. However, because Pacify & Provoke (a fire and forget aura, clearly meant to be set and that's it - no issue with that, many other frame's abilities work so) deactivate with form changing, and Mend & Maim requires an augment in order not to do so, means that form changing is, not only less effective, clunky and unpleasant to use. More, it undermines the practical execution of her concept: if in movies you oughta show, not tell, in gaming you oughta do, not show - and Equinox does not allow complement between her both halfs. In the end, she feels disconnected and as if her full potential - not only in terms of effectiveness, but in terms of fun - is not reached. Added to that, her kit has a fair amount of neglegible abilities - which never feel enjoyable. Pacify is not a reliable way to reduce incoming damage - its DR decay over distance prevents that, as well as base values - and compared to most abilities oriented in that way, it is not a valid option. Mend's shield gain looses traction quickly, between other things. As such, I'd very much like to ask the devs to give her a look, update her to the current and future reality of the game, and to please, make her more engaging to use by making the transition between forms be has light, fluid, and uncumbersome as possible - simply making Mend&Maim's augment a default, as well as adding a similar mechanic to Pacify and Provoke, would be enough. And thank you very much to anyone who takes the time to read this.
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