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  1. Turned out that the freezes are the cause, not the effect. Topic can be removed.
  2. If I were to walk into the next barracks of the pityful german army, I would probably not get shot at. But arrested? Surely. If I successfully resist arrest? Then I am at least supposed to get shot. Do it. Try to flaunt into any military installation, onto any military vessel and start to pocket stuff. Never forget: These people's purpose is to kill people. Total rectal openings, the lot of them! All their base are belong to you. For added righteousness, visit a neighboring country and do it there (bonus points if you neither speak nor understand the local language); after all your own
  3. Explain this "peace", that we supposedly bring, while both sides keep killing each other - with our help even. ... Is it a "shooting peace" then? Hé, I like that. Has a certain ring to it, does it not? I have a feeling that the discussion starts to circle around itself. The "balance" part? Obviously wrong due to ongoing Grineer deterioration kept up by Tenno interference. As balanced as a drug addiction. The "military only" part? Corvid pretty much wrote that everyone of them is military to them. So this is a tautology. The "liberation" part? Tenno only liberate single people, of whom
  4. Counter-questions: Military mining operations? Military industries? How military are the ships of a merchant guild? The military presence in these places is undeniable. The presence of the Tenno illustrates the necessity of that military. Targets of the Tenno? Mining equipment, non-uniformed (civilian?) personnel, prisoners with professional weapon training (terrorists themselves?), data (cloud?) servers. I feel that the "no civilian targets" argument cannot be employed to the benefit of the Tenno, no matter how.
  5. So, in the USA, if you enter someones property uninvited, in a state where it is legal for the owner to shoot at you for trespassing - killing them before they can is alright? They never try to kill us in the Dojo or the Liset. ... Another point: How do we recognise civilians? Crewmen? The Grineer just might not have a civilian class. Yet another point: Cast World in Flames. Or Chaos. Or Radial Javelin. Everyone dies. Who was the civilian? Did you look for civilians beforehand? How many people did you kill before even checking whether they could be civilian? (Arguably, without gam
  6. As I wrote, on the extraction tile or the tiles neighboring it, a replacement enemy will usually be spawned. If that does not happen, there is also a mechanic that auto-kills enemies, who are both off the AI navigation grid (which, sadly, you cannot see) and have not been seen by any player for a couple of minutes. So, if changing tiles around the extraction point does not do the trick, you can also try to just stand there and wait for a while (the EE.log mentions when the game kills an enemy off-grid, but it does not tell how long it waited beforehand). - If neither works... well, waste
  7. Considering that we neither are nor are affiliated with the actual rulers - where is the difference? Or more concise, how is the latter under these circumstances not a mere subclass of the former?
  8. Mmh. Was a bit cranky when I wrote that post. Point still stands, but I guess the tone was a bit harsher than intended, after having to hear the flowergirl's nonsense for the whole day. ... Still need to get that Warframe System (one, one is all I ask for). Glorified Treasure Hunter fits it really well: Tyl Regor has to die. - Not for balance, for (an) Ash.
  9. So, I have spent the last two days killing Tyl Regor over and over to get that damn Ash System... which still did not drop once after 22 Regor deaths. ... In this mission, Lotus pretty much lies right into your face: The deterioration of the Grineer be a state, brought upon by excessive cloning, which naturally uphold balance. Vor told us in the Tutorial that they are all sterile. So guess what they do? Excessive cloning. But then it is not a state, it is a process. Deterioration, "becoming worse over time". We kill a doctor to keep the Grineer inside a downward spiral. That is the antit
  10. Everywhere throughout normal Corpus tilesets (both ice planet and corpus ship). They show up as not having health on mouseover and should be displayed orange when looking around through the scanner just like everything else that is scannable. - Is that not the case?
  11. Agreed, so much pain! It is not proper WYSIWYG either: Every now and then, it looks okay but then spits out garbage on post - and alters the source text to a source text that would actually produce said garbage!
  12. These lines from EE.log seem to be related to minute-long freezes I infrequently experience: 27218.273 AI [Error]: Start Melee27218.490 AI [Error]: Timed out waiting for Melee to Start These freezes always resolve themselves given enough time, but the program is completely unresponsible in the meanwhile. Of course, it may also be that the AI times out because the rest of the game is currently frozen and thence the agent in question does not proceed with its action. ... So far though, I have not found any other suspicious lines logged in the vicinity of these freezes.
  13. So it has arrived on the PS4 as well. I had scanned the Death Orb in U13 until I could do so no longer. At no time did it have a displayed Codex entry. A couple of days ago, user IcyVoid told me that U14 had added a Codex Entry for the Death Orb, with 12 scans necessary. ... But neither does my Profile\Stats overview list the Death Orb as scanned, nor do I see a Codex entry. I did scan the thing a couple of times pre-U14, I am pretty sure of that, but alas - That written, I have no advice how to rectify the issue. If it bothers you too much to be left unattended, I guess you could fi
  14. Related to this. Since U14 Alerts in unreachable locations do no longer display at the Star Map. Both the alert popups and the recently added Lotus notification however do. Inconsistency, please fix. ... Personally, I would prefer to see the pre-U14 functionality restored and any alert displayed regardless of location (rushing that location may be viable if the offer is tempting and the time sufficient).
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