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  1. Thanks for the fixes! However, Still no fix for: Ivara's Noise Arrow breaks stealth affinity multiplier. Even if all the enemies are slept immediately after, killing them is treated as if they were alert. Atlas "Path of Statues" augment does not display a visual stone path anymore.
  2. Thanks for the fixes. That said, it kind of baffles me how the korrudo has gone this long without this... "fix". It's been there since the weapon's inception. Same weapon type and very similar name as Hirudo, whose HP-restoring properties it inherited, it was covered by a bunch of WF Partners in videos, and with folks asking on these forums and elsewhere whether or not it was a bug or a feature, we had complete radio silence far as I'm aware.People just took it to be a feature due to the obvious name similarity. Hell even the wiki lists it as an advantage and not a bug. It disturbs me that nothing was said about this across 3 major updates (not including all the hotfixes in-between) and then suddenly "Hey btw we fixed it lol". Please correct me if I'm wrong about it not being discussed because I don't want to be presumptuous, but I was unable to find anything on it and the whole thing seems really odd to me. Still no fix for: Ivara's noise arrow prevents stealth mult, despite enemies retaining their unalerted status. Path of Statues augment no longer displays visuals. The path is completely invisible.
  3. Thanks for the fixes! However, the Zenurik passive "Inner Might" is broken as of a few hotfixes ago. It doesn't increase heavy attack efficiency anymore; heavy attacks just drain the whole combo counter as if the passive wasn't activated at all.
  4. Awesome, thank you for the fixes! Regarding Grendel: His buffs all seem very weak even at high power strength as they don't seem to scale up very much, so it doesn't feel worth it to invest in strength at the moment. Also, could we see an Ivara/Vauban-style cycler to make it clearer to the player which buff they have selected, as well as telling the player in a clear and concise way which buffs they currently have available to them? I can't speak for others, but playing on a 32 inch monitor at 2560x1440, the icons are way too tiny to tell apart, especially with the buff timer covering up the top half of them, which seems to be where the majority of the difference between the icons is.
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