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  1. With the Lich changes I hope there are overall more attempts to make it feel more organic... as I said prior, it could help to maybe have thralls or some sort of hidden items or rare drops spawn in regular levels that give murmurs. Maybe make your Lich stealing items then a result from death as well, so that death feels more punishing later on and there is a way to not get stolen from at all. In return the Lich held areas are hidden strongholds that have to be revealed somehow first and finishing a mission gives you some of your stolen goods back (but not all of it... you have to end your Lich for that) I have a feeling changes in that tone could make the Kuva Lich system feel more organic and weave it more into the regular gameplay experience. Your Lich would be more part of your personal journey and be less of another "separate island of content".
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