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  1. Can confirm: this works. I can also confirm that while Nitro Classic does not count, Nitro Legacy (meaning the early access bonus for Nitro that runs until 2020) DOES count.
  2. Generally: every weapon and Warframe bought with Platinum (unless it's in a player trade) comes with the slot and a Catalyst/Reactor pre-installed. The only thing they don't come with is with an Exilus Adapter. And yes, "gift" weapons like the current Anniversary weapons, as well as Event weapons like the Opticor Vandal, came with their slots and a Catalyst install upon receiving them, as well.
  3. On 2.: yes, absolutely there are better deals. 20% is the most common deal, but you can also randomly get 50% or rarely even 75% discounts. You have a lot of plat and the main purpose for plats should always be: more slots. More slots for anything. Weapons, Warframes, you name it. 600 plat is enough for either 30 warframe slots or 100 weapon slots (or a mix of them). So it lasts a good while.
  4. Well it is a Sunday. Even staff has weekends... I haven't gotten mine, either. I will wait until Monday before I file a support ticket.
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