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  1. Sorry for misunderstanding in that case. Yeah, it sucks you don't get to experience new things right off the bat, but it's probably better this way since you don't suffer from nerf treatment every week or so. Also f... people who want fun things nerfed just because they don' think its fun.
  2. I think you simply don't pay attention to nerfs and don't realize how much stuff is getting nerfed. Then again, maybe this is not an issue on PS4 where updates are rolled out together with nerfs already included. "(Undocumented) Projectile does not inherit base critical chance and critical damage stats from equipped Zaw. Now has a fixed 20% critical chance and 2.0x critical multiplier. Projectile no longer explodes on final tick" - stealth nerf on Exodia Contagion from the wiki, just to show how ridicolous these nerfs can get. Edit: It's not about fav frames getting the nerfs, it's about
  3. So it takes a week (probably thanks to backlash, otherwise nothing would happen for years) for you to admit that this nerf was totally overkill, and yet you double down on 4 out of 5 (If I remember correctly) nerfs for this ability? Also - why would you ever try to combat "nieche metas" if you keep preaching about player choice and bulid diversity? It would seem like allowing more of these metas would be a better idea, therefore getting rid of the "meta" part. I suggest making some changes to the way you "balance" Warframe, otherwise it'll end up dead soon enough. Also also - latest H
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