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  1. Profit-Taker Orb is ignoring elemental change on Hystrix. Since Hystrix can circle between 4 elements it should be a verry good weapon for Profit-Taker Orb but cyrcle between its elements has no effect. I am woundering if this is a bug and DE may fix it, so Hystrix will damage the Profit-Taker Orb.
  2. I personally do not need any of these mods or arcanes, and probably will not play arbitration anymore.
  3. 1 endless mission + an other mission on every rotaion would be verry welcome not just by me def + cap , survial + sabo etc
  4. why neo missions always sabo or something like this - i ve never seen survial or other endless neo missions for now i ve 2942 Neo relics, i would like to burn some in survial or quick capture missions
  5. @[DE]Drew I dont see garuda staggering any enemys even at 2 or 3 m. Enemys drop her with an active mirror while she performs her 1 or 2 the same way they did before. Enemys run from front behind her shild and kill her without any stagger or movement stop. Last try 5 min ago. I ve had an active mirror and was performing her 1. The first enemy was my target. The enemy behind him went around my shield in that time and killed garuda. He killed her while the animation of her 1 happend. He had no staggering animation or movement stop, or slowing. He just run unimpressed behind my shild and droped her. What am i doing wrong that my garuda is not staggering enemys?
  6. 20 minutes sound fair. Msg me in game when u ve time.
  7. I am realy interested in how u will keep her mirror running in survial. Maybe i am not as good as ur are with garuda. Do a survial on mot with me. No worries i ll stay long. msg me ingame if u are interested in teaching me
  8. when will u implement the stagger, there is still NO STAGGER at all, enemys still kill garuda while she performs her 2 or 1, the new hovering is a nice gimmick the stagger sound like she can survial now, there is no stagger for her 1 or 2 just in ur patch notes not in game edit: unless the stagger is 0,001 sec long
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