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  1. i hope you had fun with my reply
  2. they are powerfull fighter for hard missions
  3. Amalgam Moa only here i ve killed the Demolyst Moa to be 100% sure that she cant shield other Moa - spawned: 1 Demolyst Moa and 4 Amalgam Moa
  4. @Umbriellan keep up posting here It is a bug - look at my screenshots here i ve tested Octavia Mesa will just do nothing after the Amalgam Moa (this is the normal Moa) and Demolyst Moa has healed them self. She cant even target the Moa. here is a screenshot using Octavia - Moa has healed and recives no damage from Frames - as you can see there is 1 Demolyst Moa and 3 Amalgam Moa - Demolyst Shield is not active in that moment - also it would not cover all 3 Moas here: 1 Moa died all the other became a god mode to Frame abilitys
  5. @AnarchyChan I ve proof that this also happens with "normal" amalgam Moa. This is 100% a bug. See my screenshot. I had this bug in a mission with 4 ppl. The Amalgam Moa was healing and after that we was not able to kill it with Excalibur or other Frame abilitys. It happens with all Frames and Operator arcanes like Magus Lockdown and Overload. here is a screenshot using Oberon !!! Amalgam Moa cant be targeted !!! Demolyst Moa and her shield is NOT in range
  6. While they are healing, everything is fine. But forever? No! This is too much and needs to be fixed!
  7. Demolyst Moa cant be damage by Excalibur after they healed themself. DE fix this bug before event ends !!!
  8. Update: somehow i was able to do that in simulacrum: when the moa amalgam / demolyst heal them self they become untargetable while she is doing her healing animation somehow she can get stuck in that state sometimes
  9. amalgam moa will do the same after she has healed hreself - she will become untargetable this is a moa problem it happens whe she uses her beam and then heals herself
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