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  1. whilst this is working as intended it shouldn't be working this way with sentients, as it means you can't take any damage from sentients are they all deal pure tau damage i've tested it with all of the sentients and the only exceptions are the sentient amalgams. this ofc makes it completely trivial to go up against sentients as there is no risk nothing to be scared of as you are immune to there damage.
  2. while most of these changes im fine with to down right liking the avi change still feels quite iky due to major avionics being quite costly drian wise so hopefully thats balanced well around the 30 or 60 cap. one change i dont think is good at all is the removal of flux, whilst on paper it seems alright we have to remember the frame also needs to use that energy and this WILL breed a dispenser meta cause well its either that or spam energy pads to keep your energy up so you can keep casting abilities.
  3. hmmmmmmm sees twitch drops are RJ and corpus related cosmetics, "corpus RJ SOONtm hinting intensifies"
  4. idk how long now but i would say around deadlocks protocols release for the me solaris heads cases have been forever closed never opening with anything this also includes LD as well, before ppl say "do you have creator mode on" no i dont and yes i've tried turning it off and on again. if anyone knows of a homebrew solution that would be much appreciated
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