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  1. my main problem with it is there isn't any transparency with it and yea ik the whole mocap situation has slowed it down but geoff even said it him self if they NEED to use mocap they can but ofc need to take the extra steps due to covid, doesn't help with steve joking about the new war not being here whilst not saying anything on where its at and it just feel like this is gonna be another 2019 where at the last min they say its not coming this year which would most likely mean duviri isn't next year. all i was is just transparency with it instead of being lead along a path to nowhere.
  2. geoff said that whilst working from home was in full swing so idk at least i would want them to be transparent on that its not being put in full whilst working from home is in place
  3. As much as i like this transparency it also gives me a bit of worry for whats happening with the new war IK its all technically started en all but each devstream im just seeing more and more stuff that seems like its pushing it further and further back, what i would like would be to know the process on whats happening with its development as a story arc as we have had nothing said on it since that devstream ages ago, where geoff said you guys were committing to the year of the new war and were little over 2 months out till the end of the year.
  4. this will be my entry and took quite a bit to get the animations to line up but wanted to have all three in one (the operator and her tools). unedited using the cambion drift.
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