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    Decreased Hesperon Drop Rate

    Same! It's the only resource I'm especially struggling to get and to make it even worse, it's not tradeable between players OR buyable from smokefinger for platinum, so its excessive rarity is just....why?
  2. Since Elite Onslaught, I've fallen in love with Saryn and have been learning about all her eccentricities. I'm excited with just about all the changes, however there's only 1 (and a half) thing(s) that have me concerned. While infinite duration for spores sounds great on paper, I'm worried that the added detonation on recasting will serve as a much bigger negative than all of the buffs that come with it. Previously, if a group of uninfected enemies drew my attention I would simply recast 1 on them so that they get debuffed and be on my way. With this change however, I would have to weigh if I want to sacrifice the existing debuff on the rest of the map (which is ideally making my squad-mates' lives easier) such that I can increase my own DPS against the selected targets, or if I want to bite the bullet and engage the isolated enemies without spore affecting them. Even if the detonate feature was relegated to an action that occurs if and only if there were no enemies present under the reticle, one can easily foresee many accidental "oops, I destroyed all my spores" moments when they miss an enemy, or even more frustrating, when the ai decides to move in the most unpredictable/spastic manner. That is my only real concern. The only other thing I'd like to bring up is more of a nitpick. I'm thrilled with molt's changes, everything here is great. However, I feel like it'd be more intuitive/unique if the baseline speed bonus it's getting and the augment for regeneration were swapped. Newer players have very little means to heal themselves outside of conventional support frames, making regenerative molt almost a must-have mod, rather than an alternative way of using the skill. With the augment giving the speed buff however, this is no longer the case and still something appealing that I would actively slot it in for sheer qol (which is what exilus adapter slots are all about!). Furthermore, this change would drastically open up Saryn's build diversity, as the built in loop of trading energy for health would enable the use of rage and give her more options towards energy management. Edit: After thinking on it some more, I'd also like to add that I'm just kinda...Meh on the swapping of damage types and procs in her kit. At the end of the day, this isn't going to change my condition overload build, but I feel like this might actually make her more energy hungry, as she will be more reliant on casting her 3 and 4. I know in the ideal world, you'll be casting her 1 less, but one Viral tic as a proc is immediately more useful and consistent than corrosive, as corrosive procs must occur repeatedly and often enough to become even noticeably relevant due to the nature of scaling armor.