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  1. Appreciate it DE, looking forward to seeing what is behind the door! ❤️
  2. Honestly glad this was finally spoken about. Though many may say that there isn't a scam going on, actively telling people who are new that their stuff is with 10%-50% of what it should really be and then offering it to them all while hiding behind the whole "Oh, but they agreed to it, they took my offer." You know that you are buying it for extremely cheap, be nice to the new kids, they probably won't feel all that good when they realize they could've gotten more.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca After watching the devstream I was wondering what might happen to holster speed mods, I use them a lot in my builds.
  4. Nice hot cocoa while watching a prime time, good start to the holidays. ❤️
  5. Rattleguts cannot damage enemies under void status/mag bullet attractor.
  6. We didn't lose anything by them deciding not to release it today and wait till tomorrow. As for people who are complaining because they stayed up late, time management is important, don't neglect your responsibilities just because of hype, the update isn't going to leave as soon as it drops. Just wait, be patient, focus. On the side note I'm really enjoying a game called Darkwood for the moment, anyone else playing spooky games?
  7. Ah, I shouldn't be grouped with the people who play to have something handed to them to feel special then. I play because I absolutely adore the game.
  8. Ah, sorry for just enjoying the game all these years. Sucks that people feel like they have to be rewarded to play the game.
  9. People complaining about not being notified about the rewards, god damn when did players become so picky with content?
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