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  1. @[DE]Rebecca After watching the devstream I was wondering what might happen to holster speed mods, I use them a lot in my builds.
  2. I dunno about you, but WF in general is pretty darn dark.
  3. @Loza03 Mind sharing the time stamp of the fortuna reveal where it shows the original set of grips? I'd like to see since I'm curious about this Brash item.
  4. Many posts of the repeated idea, yet not many in terms of % of the community.
  5. To explain my "No." I posted earlier in here, this topic has come up a lot and don't get me wrong. I play my good share of Moba games (League and Dota) But I really don't see the developers making such a game mode for Warframe, they already acknowledge that conclave barely gets played and most of the community enjoys the PvE Environment. I'd rather they continue to focus on the main game than start branching off with an additional game mode. I don't hate the idea, just not the right place and time for it.
  6. I don't like having a forced clan chat along with having to make my own clan to avoid the random invites from those 'family' clans that try to meet their recruitment quotas. Please DE, I would very much enjoy if we could have the option to deny clan invites from the 3 select options that we already have for game invites, Gifts, and Friend requests. I love warframe and I play constantly, I get messages of people asking why I'm clanless a lot and the people who don't ask just spam clan invite me. It's not the end of the world but god it's annoying having your inbox open just to see invites from people you don't even know.
  7. I'm just not fond of clans, also not fond of a chat tab you cannot disable. I like having trade chat as my default chat without having to cycle through after each mission.
  8. Similar to how we can decline invites/gifts/friend requests from 'everyone', could we have one that declines clan invites? I've had issues with clans and also not keen on making one myself. The clan chat cannot be hidden(As far as I know, I've been clanless for a year now.) Though what has pushed me to make this thread is a certain family of clans is just spamming clan invites down the active player list to keep up with their 'quota', even when I have region and recruitment channels toggled off(I trade a lot.) I'm probably just being picky and whining, but does anyone else think an option to turn off clan invites from other players might be a good addition?
  9. https://imgur.com/a/qVzVXHU Visual bug, the firing mode doesn't go outwards after a while and just swarms my own operator to the point of not being able to see. The damage still affects enemies far away from me though, even though the particles don't reach.
  10. Nice hot cocoa while watching a prime time, good start to the holidays. ❤️
  11. Rattleguts cannot damage enemies under void status/mag bullet attractor.
  12. We didn't lose anything by them deciding not to release it today and wait till tomorrow. As for people who are complaining because they stayed up late, time management is important, don't neglect your responsibilities just because of hype, the update isn't going to leave as soon as it drops. Just wait, be patient, focus. On the side note I'm really enjoying a game called Darkwood for the moment, anyone else playing spooky games?
  13. Ah, I shouldn't be grouped with the people who play to have something handed to them to feel special then. I play because I absolutely adore the game.
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