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  1. Ephimeras are no showing on my pets anymore 😢
  2. Tbh, I thought they'd have used Kuva to charge them up
  3. Loving the patch notes. I think the idea with combining kuva weapons is a great idea if done right. Maybe make it so the one with the highest stat is used +1. So if you end up with a worse gun than you already are using you at least are getting something from it. For example: if you get a 40% fire gun, then next time you get the same gun with fire +30.. you combine to get 41%. This way you wouldn't feel cheated for having spent all that time just to end up with nothing. Also it means you can, like the symbols for farming lich's, get lucky and skip percentages if you get one better but if not, you still at least go up 1%. This would mean not only dupes have a use, but means a trading community could be created from people selling rubbish versions for people to 'power level' their own versions. This means people might even start using plat to skip the grind, which means more plat for DE sales 😉 Imagine: people can skip the grind with plat like most everything else in the game, or people can play and get it for free. Keeps the same mechanics as other things, but people who don't have the time, can pay to skip it. 🙂 Everyone wins! 😄 And finally 60% min-max guns won't be unobtainable by most people this way. The odds otherwise are.. well.. get a lottery ticket.
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