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  1. No, you're misleading. A large amount of frames can work with 1 less ability. Grendel, Limbo, Hildryn(interact with Nidus&Inaros) will cause few compatibilies issues. But it is not told that abilities that need a counter will not work with a minimum [insert warframe unique counter] on other one. + you don't even know what the list is. Or even know what they did to address this issue. You're also telling us nothing on Helminth abilities. No problem to remove sh*tty abilities with helminth ones, as it's not warframes abilities. Few abilities are much stronger, but once again you ca
  2. To the dev who fixed Relentless Combination. Thanks Bro.
  3. Ordis is detecting a great disturbance in the Grineer continuity.
  4. Hi, once again i can only ask to fix Relentless Combination. Pleaaase 😞
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