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  1. A sigil and sonicor skin... Well, I guess I save platinum by not buying that bundle :/
  2. I sure hope Imperator Vandal is next on the list...
  3. We're nearing the 3 year mark. Is this thread a waste of everyone's time? Probably. But we're here anyway.
  4. I checked the last page to see it... My head hurts.
  5. I know that much (I was the first to mention that after the migration I believe), but the total number of posts now, weeks after the migration, doesn't account for the number of pages that there were before the migration. I'm pretty confident it was at around 15.6 thousand pages before it. Which means (if I'm right) while the page count was reduced because of the post limit being increased to 25, it was also reduced by loss of posts. Which would make sense, considering that while observing the forums' total posts for about a week after the migration, posts in all sections were disappearing en masse.
  6. Well I just mathed, and with our current post count, with the old forum's posts per page, we'd only have 15.3 thousand pages. So either we lost some posts or I dunno.
  7. It was 15.6 thousand before the migration I think
  8. I've been looking and this appears to be the second longest forum thread. I've only heard of one thread larger than ours, and it's in some other forum somewhere with 11 thousand pages but almost 800 thousand total posts. We beat their page count, but not their post count (we're at ~306 thousand) We must become the largest thread in the world!
  9. Guess I'll come back later when the banshee skin is out
  10. Apparently paint constitutes psychological horror: <!doctype html> <html> <body> <img src=https://i.gyazo.com/dd2e0d40795987a0cddd5c358b4b3b11.png> </body> </html> Edit: Oh goody I love broken embedding Edit 2, electric boogaloo: The new forums can go die, bbcode was way better than whatever the hell we have to do now I DUNNO, MAYBE THIS ONE WORKS
  11. What was? ____ I just did some math. This thread accounts for 17% of all of this forum's posts, including design council and minus the international forum section.
  12. This forum now allows for 25 posts per page (used to be 20, hence us losing several thousand pages). And this thread contains about 305 thousand posts.
  13. There was one in some GTA forum that was 13 thousand pages, so no. Not anymore. We used to be 15k pages, but then forum migration happened. Edit: This thread alone counts for roughly 50% of all posts in the Extras section, by the way.
  14. Just got kicked again. Edit: was instantly able to relog, so servers are definitely not as bad as yesterday
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