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  1. clemza

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Thank you for the accolades !! Really appreciated and i am proud to still be part of this community. Keep up the hard and good work DE
  2. clemza

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    I am pretty sure i saw a dev stream where they talked about that (i think it was steeve) and pretty much they said that the Lato vandal wasn't just a simple reward for being here first but like big thanks. I was expecting a skin or a syandana or at least a sigil. Not even a word in the patch note :(
  3. clemza

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.2

    They already said that it would come back ... Once they have time to rework them. Not many people where doing raids, that is one of the reason why it been removed by the way. You guys should stop flooding all patch notes, get over it, it won't be back in a month or two. But it will be back ne day and i hope it will be a succes :)
  4. For PC only. On console i wonder how it works with Plats. Creators Microsoft / Sony DE
  5. clemza

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    Hello - Inaros change: I am playing inaros these days, and nulifier and comba / scrambus are really anoying when they run to you and instantly remove your scarab armor. It should work the same way as nidus stacks and decrease over the time instead of being instantly removed. - New mission type: Battlefront space battle game mod in warframe. We have to defend the ship and his reactor and destroy the other ship or the reactor. It would work as an endless survival mission (without life support) with an objective to defend and one to destroy. To be able to get into the enemie space ship you will have to destroy the ship shields, some of its defence turrets while protecting yours in archwing mod. Then once landing into the enemie ship, you will have to sabotage some doors to reach the main reactor and to hack some consoles which temporary remove the reactor shield for few seconds and to destroy it. This game mod could also work as dark sector conflic pvpve game mod. - Re use spawn maps and add new ones You could re use the spawn areas/maps as comon part of the map, some of them looks cool and it feels sad that we only see them once we spawn :( Like the one on earth, which we saw the reworked version, it would be a shame to only see it for few seconds at the start of the mission until the next time you do a mission on earth. I also like the one on Ceres. Anyway we need some new maps/areas or old ones to be back into the game.
  6. clemza

    Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.1.0

    It is normal if the abilities stats didn't changed in game ?
  7. No they are not. My friend can buy the same skin than me two times and he would still pay less than me ... For only 2 warframes skins i can afford a full humble bundle offer :/
  8. I already said it when you announced that feature. Its a bad idea ... When negatives people replies have more likes than the main post, you know that your going in the wrong direction. This is expensive and it force you to do things you may not wants to do ... By the way, tennogen skins prices needs to be looked at too.
  9. clemza

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.1

    My pc just went black screen after leaving the relay and froze during the loading screen. I had a black scren after doing alt tab and i had to restart my pc :/
  10. You could have done like what you did for the Octavia quest. If you buy ocatavia you get a riven mod. If you already own these weapons you get a riven mod instead. To reward the players who "still" play the game :/
  11. What does that means ? It already does 10% critical chance. It will be 15% or 5% i don't get it :D
  12. clemza

    Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    An idea :/ Because that event is realluy a bad thing for the game, you don't learn :l You should have seen it coming.
  13. clemza

    Coming Soon: Get Warframe on Twitch!

    Yeah as long as there is no exclusives things or special promotions it is OK. Or if we can buy tennogen items for the "same price" as everyone else, it would be nice too because right now my friend have half lower prices than me ...
  14. clemza

    Recent Ducat Price Changes

    Are you serious ? Saying that after changing the price without telling any players ? Is that a bad joke ? If you really wanted to do this you would have changed the price after telling us what you just said in that thread, like when the new primes part are in the game ...
  15. clemza

    The Glast Gambit: Update 19.11.0+

    Sadly its expensive af :/ 7 euros for a skin i may rarelly use as i use most of the warframes :( If it was 3 euros i would have bough most of them already but right now i got 0. :/