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  1. Hello there, Just posting to mention that when you equip a skin to a zaw the projectile from exodia contagion becomes invisible which makes it very hard to aim the thing considering its weird spinny arc it flies in. This happened on my polearm cyath zaw with the sokopos skin
  2. I mean when it's finished building you can't do anything with it so the wait doesn't really affect anything at all.
  3. Hey again! got another bit of feedback, just thought I'd mention exalted weapons haven't really been given their damage compensation like other melees. Some exalted melee's like baruuk's or excal's aren't affected too bad by this as they already had big base damage/didn't use the combo counter much anyway, but something like hysteria or iron branch feel pretty weak currently.
  4. Hey there, got a bug with the inner might focus node in the zenurik way. It doesn't affect the amount of combo counter consumed by heavy attacks at all. With it active at rank 4 as I have it, performing a heavy attack from 220 combo counter should leave me with 88 combo counter, however it is totally consumed instead. Other combo efficiency stat givers such as reflex coil work as intended. The wording on inner might is different to other combo counter efficiency mods, being displayed as "heavy attack efficiency" instead of "melee combo efficiency". Hope this gets fixed as inner might would make heavy attack builds far better, but it simply doesn't work. EDIT: It also appears that executing dash no longer functions too
  5. Hello there! I'm sure others have brought this up but I thought I would too: On any status/hybrid build condition overload is better than primed pressure point as you will proc 2 statuses very quickly and at that point condi is providing a better base damage increase than primed pressure point. Since base damage increases have diminishing returns (due to them being additive) that means on any build that isn't strictly crit there's no use for primed pressure point which seems a shame considering it's a primed mod and should have more widespread use than a randomly dropped mod like condi. Perhaps the damage calculation for condition overload should be changed to make it worth using in tandem with primed pressure point, such as making it multiplicative but nerfing the percenrage value? Also true steel, sacrificial steel and critical chance on rivens are pretty bad on melee now since blood rush no longer applies multiplicatively with them. Blood rush provides so much more critical chance which is very easy to get since combo counter builds much quicker. The value on other static critical chance mods is just too low in comparison. Blood rush should be better at high combo counter values but other crit chance increases should be buffed to be worth using if you want to make a slightly weaker build that doesn't need to scale with combo counter. Perhaps make true steel about 150% crit chance so it's nearly equal to 3 stacks of blood rush and buff other crit chance increases in part? I hope this feedback helps 🙂
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