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  1. Devilhunter33

    Eidolon Lures

    For 3 capture if you have 7 your screen gets filled also you can not count them cuz for some reason the icons stuck together
  2. Devilhunter33

    Eidolon Lures

    I use blessing build but i want to have a more detailed view of each lure under my possession. Also to count how many they are cuz some times you have 7 but one is killed and you dont notice
  3. Devilhunter33

    Eidolon Lures

    I play usualy trinity at the Plains of Eidolon when hunting for eidolons , it would be nice to have a health bar for the lures that follow you at the left of the screen and a blue or orange icon if they are charged or not to make it easier to cordinate in the visual chaos that is caused by the eidolons and the lure icons on screen to be removed or something like that .
  4. Devilhunter33

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Plot twist They upload the Plains of Venus on their servers and propable is 100gb update Kappa
  5. Devilhunter33

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Maybe turn off and on again everything ?
  6. Devilhunter33

    Hotfix 15.8.1

    Ty de