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  1. sorry, my bad. Here's another list of ideas that might make it more distinct: Maybe slow down effigy's dash into a normal movement speed so that it gives it the opportunity to attack and inflict statuses on enemies using its elemental breath and elemental aura while moving. Add in Effigy leaves a trail of heat/frost/electric/toxin while moving. Double the duration of status effect inflicted by Effigy and/or make it be 100% status chance. Though the slower movement might get rid of the advantages of immediately moving Effigy.
  2. Let Effigy be cast and be toggle off while Chroma is attacking and moving and not lag/interrupt his attacking and movement. This will be cool to use it as a quick barrier while moving or used as a combo when you make effigy come out to stun them and finish them off with your melee. Maybe make it duration based to get rid of the penalties of being energy drain ability. I think those ease of use might make it a bit more distinct.
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