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  1. I heard of plans to buff Harrow to allow him to cast his Condemn while channeling his Thurible? That would make an excellent quality of life improvement to an otherwise great frame!
  2. This may be a far fetch but I feel Harrow could use a quality of life buff to make him a bit more useful in high level missions? Have Harrow be able to cast Condemn while he's channeling his Thurible. It would help a lot in way of crowd control and help with his survivability since for Thurible to be effective you need to channel it for a good few seconds.
  3. Maybe so but a 60 ammo count would be a great start
  4. Please buff the basmu in ammo count 21 with its fire rate is unreasonably low. 60?
  5. Could we get a Basmu buff? Don't wanna feel like I wasted 3 forma on it 😞
  6. Railjack glitch while exiting an enemy cruise ship caused my game to freeze on this screen forcing me to Alt+F4 (Seemed to occur because I left the cruise ship right as the reactor blew up)
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