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  1. The perfect operator topic doesn't exi-.... Dude that's some high quality work. I just want to reinforce my idea to mix a little bit of Tenshin New War gameplay because every time i imagined operator Melee gameplay it was exactly like Tenshin's gameplay. About the trench Coat and Hood thing, i know what u talking broh, i feel you, you want to Assassin's Creed the hell out of operators and i couldn't agree more, here's an awesome idea, let them have parazon too, done, now we have Warframe's Creed, Tenno's Creed lol. Your ideas are amazing, i really hope that they read this.
  2. So, what if we could give an meele do the operators and make them fight just like tenshin does? Of course with some differences but what about this idea? Amazing huh?
  3. I've done this MotorBike concept when i was doing an chracter Design course and i had to make an AutoMobile from whatever existing fantasy world. I Choose Warframe, and after a guy in TennoCon asked the DEVs if we could have an MotorBike for the tenno i think there's no better oportunity to show this than now. I really hope that this concept inspire ya'll on the creation of such amazing idea. I know it's very basic but i think it transmits the idea.
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