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  1. @[DE]Rebecca Congrats on a full ETA free stream (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't recall any). Must be nice to have no known deadlines for new content.. For atleast 2 weeks.. I am really looking forward to a harmonized bardframe raid.. WARFRAME RAVE PARTY WOHOO
  2. Before I get into this.. I got 2300 hours in game (well on steam) I love warframe, it was always there for me, when I needed to escape the problems of real life.. Often caused by Warframe.. Since the website stated "help us decide whats in store for 2017" I have some minor pointers.. Quit making "new" stuff..And finished all those half completed systems we have.. Like: -Dojo's -relays (you mentioned clanspace did you not) -the charger pet (I kind of feel insulted you didn't even disable the armor option for it to hide the model) - REDUCING THE GRIN
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