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  1. Being spontaneous. Well I guess I liked stamina because it made me feel "skillful" when I would bypass it's restrictions through constant dual-zoren coptoring? (but if I'm gunna play like that, stamina might as well not exist)
  2. To be brainlessly agreeing. Heck, I guess it'll help him with his "speedster" style here I mean he's about it right? and there is precedent where DE gave him the ability to jump while sprinting, so why not a kind of ground-slide in addition. Here, have a brainless upvote (since I care about the quality of opinion) since this ostensibly is a good idea.
  3. To be chill/tired/spontaneous. Yeah, I caught your drift with the first post with the proposed head proc being too much like corrosive, and I implicitly was aware of this -although I shoulda stressed it a bit more-, I wouldn't like it if heat was too much like corrosive, but i was also aware of how useless the other procs were; Magnetic is like viral for shields (with shields being pretty marginal to begin with), Impact merely staggers the enemy -sometimes not even staggering correctly-, Void puts a bullet attractor affect on the enemy, ETC. Sorry if I offended -indeed it'll be you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with this attitude- I thought the claim of being "tired" would be enough, but I know the insanity-inducing affect of the "voters" here on both you, and to the participants here (I really do hate most online voters and the "spell" they put everyone under).
  4. To be a bit brainless and tired OP I spose your complaint is subconsciously a kind of complaint at the game getting too easy? And you -without you fully knowing it- don't want this trend of power-creep to continue, but you also are aware of how -under certain circumstances- people will be pro-power creep much like how they show here through their "votes". Ehh, I kinda get where you're coming from OP, I'd rather have heat -along with the rest of the status procs- to not be as useless as they are, to at least buff them to gas procs (or void procs) levels of potency.
  5. To be spontaneous and tired I spose in a bout of gratefulness or of some sudden "enlightenment" you chose to make this thread -and I think it's a bit naive, but in good taste-, maybe you for a reason feel the "magic" that was playing the game in a while. Most of us had passed this point of "magic" and now the game is mundane -a grindfest- so I spose that this feeling you have must be quite refreshing to have indeed it must remind you of what the game was, and don't let the others bring you down here from your emotions/preferences if you enjoy it, feel free to declare it and feel it. I just wonder why the community feels a bit toxic (judging by the votes).
  6. You may be confused OP; There are 2 drop "sources" from an eidolon, one from the boss itself (almost always a mod), and one from the first lure that attaches to it (one of the attached lures) -which explodes-. Maybe you forgot to check both loot sources? Or maybe the eidolon's loot fell through the floor?
  7. To be a bit brainless That larva looks suspiciously like a starcraft 2 larva, uhh maybe you should replace the image with one of nidus's maggots?
  8. It's still interesting why occasionally a non-english speaker will come onto these forums and post a message like this, it happens every 2 months or so and -at least for now- it's quite perplexing. Anyway, here is the google translate "How do you wake up if you're extracting information from a spy and you spawn a new teammate?"
  9. To be simplistically agreeing I'm an avid user of a [Larkspur] and often whenever I'm in a mission that has a pick-up-able-item I often have to delegate the task of transporting the item to another player which moderately inhibits my gameplay, since -as the OP said- if I were to pick it up myself, I'd have to deal with the archgun reload timer (amounting to 30-60 seconds) before I can use it again, as another -mildly annoying- solution, I could just bring up a backup gun as a solution -indeed it can be easily done- but it's still annoying that I have to put up with this. As a fix (quality of life improvement), I would like it if archguns would temporarily "disappear" like if you brought only a primary weapon in a data-mass mission when carrying an item rendering the player "unarmed" and would return to you with the same amount of ammo when you drop the item.
  10. To be spontaneous Geez, the forum replies are kinda passive-aggressive and weirdly confrontational, I mean he has an opinion right? Why should we make fun of him? Seriously makes me wonder if any of us (assuming Americans) really take the principle of "free speech" to heart. P.S. But to reply to the OP, I don't think your sample size is big enough, it could be skewed, you should ask your clanmates/friends/randoms for their pathocyst parts to see if there really is a bias in the randomness, (and to risk offense) you could be wrong.
  11. To be a bit less brainless (and from the perspective of a vulgar min-maxer). In my opinion, the ability co-synergy (or Co-dependence) is not as strangling as you might think, I still can still use a power range nidus in the arena to speedrun it, I still use a power range saryn to speedrun exterminates, Hildryn is -largely- used for her durability and armor stripping (since it's accomplished with her pillage ability), Gara is strong in arbitrations due to the 90% Damage resist and her crazy shield. The only warframe that somewhat suffers from ability co-dependence -IMO- is gauss, where you must use your 1st or 3rd ability to charge his battery for his 4th, -and it's done in a seemingly arbitrary and goofy way- unless if you fully integrate -and I dare say "force"- his 1st ability into your playstyle (where you spam it go to anywhere), but forcing his 1st ability on the upside really helps him have a "fleshed out" gameplay (Gotta go fast). But there is enough "ability independence" for frames to still be able to build for one gimmick or ability. (and unusually there is one ability in a warframe that has no or little ability synergy/dependence) Like with Gara who I build for her shatter shield -by boosting strength, duration, and range, (the ability synergy with her 1->4 is not as choking as you'd think) or with hildryn, where I build her for her pillage by using duration and Strength. Gauss -when I was leveling him up- I used almost exclusively as a weapon damage warframe (with lots of runspeed) but his 4th ability is not affected by strength, nor his 1st, so I just build him for duration (for his 4th) and efficiency. Bizzarely enough, the only frame where your hunches have moderate traction is when using nidus in arbitrations; Do I build him for his 3rd ability? IF so how much range? Should I try to CC with his 2nd ability at the same time? And boy I'm putting all of these mods to tweak my powers, my base survivability is a bit questionable. I'll give you some more concrete examples if you hold me to it, but I want to keep my thoughts to this degree. (I don't want to answer your 5 questions). P.S. I guess a lot of gauss's complaints -which I've mysteriously internalized?- is maybe the badly communicated design? Where the "gotta go fast" playstyle is not reinforced? P.S. Forgive me if I'm not actually replying sensibly to your comment. (and my bad editing)
  12. @ to OP To reinforce what someone already said, complete all quests First thing, there are a lot of progression paths that are locked if you don't do them, then unlock the rest of the star-chart.
  13. I remember this being a trend in the past; Whenever a new enemy would come out with a new weapon, we'd -almost expectantly- get that weapon, like the dera (admittedly much later), the machete, the hind, snipetron ETC. I feel the reason discontinuation of this habit is that someone at DE thought this method felt "sleezy" and like a "cop-out", indeed many of the newer weapons have a quality and level of polish that the older weapons don't have. To implement this change would be a harmless (IMO) slide back into a mediocrity, not that I would object -I like my mastery rank-. I Suppose that DE doesn't want to flood the players with a bunch of mediocre weapons (which are incidentally vaulted now) is because they stated (where?) that they wanted MR30 to be the "final rank" that's supposed to be big and meaningful and they don't want to rush forwards to this point. But to the OP; Yes I'm for getting the weapons. (but then again, I'm a bit vulgar about it)
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