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  1. There is something I got out of the habit of and something I want to resume. Bump
  2. Seeing as how this on the second page (and interpolating off of my habit of rarely reading the second page), and considering how the first post as reasonably well written and tends to something I somewhat care about, I'll do something that is quite predictable. Bump (of course, I hope with some style)
  3. Being a tad brainless, and seeing this on the second page of this board, and feeling a sense of "fashion arrogance" with those wings, I'll do something fairly predictable. Bump
  4. Welp, it's looking like another time to bump this thread, so here I go BUMP.
  5. Bump again Or has this suggestion been implemented already? and thus my bumps inappropriate?
  6. Bump Again (has this feature been implemented yet?)
  7. I hope my bumping ways don't come off as too offensive. However any sense of disenguinity is marginal; I really do think those angel wings are oversized and annoying.
  8. Being brainless (and seeing how this thread is nearing the bottom of this board) Bump, I'm still in favor of this feature, and I still feel those wings are obnoxious.
  9. I'm in disagreement, I generally dislike the wings and I hope that the "toggle peculiar cosmetics" suggestion in this forum is implemented. The wings are just some irritating combination of size, obnoxiousness, arrogance (since we mass-murder dudes which contrasts with the message of wings), and garishness, indeed they remind me of those goofball wings I've seen in asian MMOs, I mean Yeah, we have those fairy wings, but these wings are especially big and in-your-face. For this event, Yes, They're a good change of pace, but forever? and with how popular they are? I'd prefer not, I'd p
  10. Brainless Bump, I like the solutions proposed in this thread, DE Please consider, those wings are awfully obnoxious, and I hope I won't have to deal with them beyond this event.
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