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  1. - Cache reward "B" is too vague. I have no idea how to unlock this and apparently neither does anyone else. I have no idea if i've gotten B rotation. Missions should be changed to include railjack. Split the team up. Just regarding Defense/exterminate: "ground team" does what they normally do. - Add something like "you have 30 seconds to clear these enemies otherwise they'll take off/spawn fighters for your railjack team."/ "Destroy this object otherwise it'l fire missiles at the railjack" ETC. Railjack should have mission objectives that STOP reinforcements. Stop fighters fr
  2. Alot of people saying the same thing - Gunners can use forward artillery - Pilot AI/Instricts become better. Just being "more fast" really isnt a benefit. Higher lvls should reward an ability that they can use. Pilot might aswell be a gunner for more damage(assuming this works) - AI CANNOT PICK UP MODS/LOOT EITHER. Which makes them piloting even more useless. - AI should have abilities that use on a cooldown function. Aka on the guns or repairing. Aswell as in general - "Able to throw a grenade!" or something. - During the Exterminate/Defence mission of the game - Allow atle
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Playing Lavos - Defence on Arc Silver - After using mech I could not use my breach surge (Helminth ability) as "I had no energy" VISUAL: http://prntscr.com/10r70um EXPECTED RESULT: lavos doesnt have energy.... OBSERVED RESULT: Unusable ability for the entire rest of the mission Sidenote: I assume its recorded already but when you're in a mech you get no xp towards Plexus
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