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  1. If you want to use a squishy warframe, just throw on a bunch of survivability mods. Health, Shields, Armor, Flow+Quick Thinking, etc. You shouldn't be taking much damage at all tbh, unless you your team is ignoring adds, and you are standing directly in front of attacks or something. Unfortunately I don't think it's very reasonable to expect that DE is going to balance 140 warframe abilities for each of these boss encounters. In a game like destiny where there is only a handful of abilities to balance it's way more doable. But DE could balance it around 1 ability that works against a boss for every warframe bringing down the total abilities to balance to 40, that's a start I guess. I hate restricted metas, they sap the fun and creativity out of any game. I agree with you something definitely needs to change.
  2. Tarock Thrown Blade Skin energy color is still broken. The right hand card appears to be using Limbo's default energy color. Equiped Secondary: Pox /w custom energy color
  3. Limbo Deluxe thrown weapon skin energy color in the right hand is bugged showing default energy color rather than selected energy color.
  4. I hope so. I really miss the stance's unique reverse grip idle animation.
  5. finalllyyyyyyyyyyyy. Thank you DE!
  6. I agree if the armor scaling for the profit taker is broken or not working as intended that should be fixed. As for using shattering impact, I don't think DE intended for us to be able to use standard weaponry on the orb's legs. If we could use standard weaponry that would ruin the overall design and theme for that specific phase during the fight. Only archwing guns should be effective.
  7. If the difficulty is to hard for you, cheese it with Chroma, or come up with another strategy. This is an action RPG. You get to choose your own difficulty.
  8. Vectis Tekelu Skin is still bugged. Thank you for the updates none the less! https://i.imgur.com/S4ytsas.png EDIT: Just exited the arsenal and noticed half of my Ivara's head is missing lol https://i.imgur.com/jrXArCX.png
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