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  1. I would agree, if it didn't just cost you about 2 minutes to create a Lich. by running an extermination alone. I'd rather have the current system where I can at least chose the element I get than anything else. Except a menu where I could just create my Lich how I want maybe.
  2. While not ideal, you can just play solo. Adaro as been giving me almost 100% larvling spawn rate so far, and I'm at about 15 Lichs. Though the spawn seems to be broken on a per person basis. It's not super good for a coop game, sure, but that's a nonissue imo, because that's about 5min of solo play. People refusing to stab their Lich and making any further Lich spawn in the mission impossible is a much more pressing issue in the "cooperation" department. The damage type is deterministically tied to the Warframe you use to kill the larvling. If you didn't already, I suggest you read https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich#Mechanics Nobody likes Impact, but realistically you should only aim for Toxin, and maybe Fire, if you're trying to get optimal weapon rolls, although most options aren't strictly bad.
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