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  1. Could you make it so the auto-parry is done in the direction you're aiming, and not the direction the Warframe is facing? Because it makes it basically useless when moving around.
  2. Bonjour, Le clan Universal Genesis est, comme toujours, actif en jeu, et on recrute. Passez nous voir sur notre Discord (https://discord.gg/s8NkDGp) ! Bonne journée et bon jeu !
  3. Can we also get her to be able to cast her 3 on enemies affected by her 1?
  4. With a 50% reduced range, the area covered is reduced by 75%. So 25% of the original area per Mallet, up to 50% with both. That sounds pretty harsh just to be able to place two where we want, don't you think? I guess it doesn't really matter in very narrow spaces, since it doesn't work through walls anyway, but it will suffer greatly in more open areas.
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