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  1. Bonjour, Le clan Universal Genesis est, comme toujours, actif en jeu, et on recrute. Passez nous voir sur notre Discord ( ! Bonne journée et bon jeu !
  2. Neofaucheur

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Can we also get her to be able to cast her 3 on enemies affected by her 1?
  3. Neofaucheur

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6

    With a 50% reduced range, the area covered is reduced by 75%. So 25% of the original area per Mallet, up to 50% with both. That sounds pretty harsh just to be able to place two where we want, don't you think? I guess it doesn't really matter in very narrow spaces, since it doesn't work through walls anyway, but it will suffer greatly in more open areas.
  4. Neofaucheur

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    To be honest I would like it better if you took one more week to polish the update and bring it a bit latter, but with less bug at launch and more time to work on solving them for you before the weekend, instead of going into a race against time and risking failures due to a burnout. That being said, I also understand the need for deadlines and how the right amount of pressure helps work progressing faster, but I'm pretty sure that if you have to release on Friday and work over the weekend you're over doing it.
  5. Neofaucheur

    Live Now: Automated Account Email Changes!

    Please, tell me this is a joke...
  6. Neofaucheur

    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    Please, make sure that, if an enemy is killed by a spore within a few (or even one) seconds of being damaged by any other source (like a play weapon, proc or Saryn's 4, for instance), it still propagate the spores to other enemies. I believe it wouldn't go against the design of not allowing a "fire and forget" play style and help alleviate the frustration of having spore not spreading because of an unfortunate timing in damaging them. Now if only you could also fix the spawning mechanism in Onslaught that often cause the map to be empty after all the enemies get killed within a short span of time, that would be awesome... (although making damage decay instead of disappearing should help in that regard).
  7. Neofaucheur

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    What about you add "Arsenal" to this list, too... thanks to you filtering loadout names, one of them currently reads *nal which in my opinion is way worst ^^' Why not just stop filtering loadout names?
  8. Neofaucheur

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    It's confirmed, the Orokin inverted Earth rotation!
  9. Neofaucheur

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.0

    Great, Ivara is now a downgraded version of Nekros with the trouble of needing enemies to be alive, which makes them way less cooperative than the dead corpses Nekros' looking for. Her strongest point was the ability to make the most out of rare enemies, but I guess that was to good... although I do understand it might have been to much when used on Vomvalyst, but still, Nekros was way more commonly used for the average farming runs and has now the complete upper hand.
  10. Neofaucheur

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

    I hope you plan on reimbursing the one that got consumed before, either giving them back or giving the equivalent in standing (or low quality gem/fish, to avoid hitting the cap).
  11. Neofaucheur

    Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    I was actually thinking the feat would at least deserve to not be ruined by damage falloff making it irrelevant ^^
  12. Neofaucheur

    Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    Will projectile based weapons be affected the same way as hitscan? (Mostly bows)
  13. @Maeguth n'hésite pas à passer sur notre Discord ( ) pour vous rencontrer !
  14. Bonjour, Le clan Universal Genesis est, comme toujours, actif en jeu. Passer nous voir sur notre Discord ( ! Nous sommes présents sur Warframe, bien évidemment, mais aussi sur d'autres jeu (Skyforge, Dirty Bomb, etc). Bonne journée et bon jeu !