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  1. You should definitely consider changing that behavior then. If you want multiple mod configuration for the same ability, you can put the ability on multiple configuration slots. While dragging config lets you swap which one is the default one. Builds are defined by the abilities you have, not the other way around. Even better would be the ability to turn on and off the ability you fused into you Warframe when in the arsenal, or something similar, rather than having to remove it to place it somewhere else.
  2. I think it happens when you start collecting them before you actually get the objective to. So far, I've had several objective break because I was progressing too fast, and starting again slower worked.
  3. En parlant d'Ordis, c'est pas vraiment un erreur, plus un oubli, mais il dit parfois : "Ordis has *getting tired of waiting*... waiting patiently for your return, Operator" mais la traduction dit seulement "Ordis a attendu patiemment pour votre retour, Opérateur". En passant le "pour" est de trop je pense.
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