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  1. @o0Despair0o @Tsukinoki @Myscho @Zelmen @OvisCaedo @MakeLuvNotWerFrame @JackHargreav @FerockQuartz @Uhkretor @Raqiya @Troposphere6 @Diangelius and the console tennos Ladies and gentleman , i present to you , the Killer terminal Edit: the gif is not from me
  2. @Zelmen , @Tsukinoki so i just did this MD again 2 times and nothing happened , i guess it was a bug ^^ but that was really weird
  3. Today sorties ! That was really weird , at first i was thinking that maybe there was "rad hazard " and that could explain for example this , but the fact is that today MD was corrosive enhancement so that was really weird
  4. If you did today sorties , try to repeat the second mission , you'll see ^^
  5. @Tsukinoki The terminal , started twisting at 360° and that killed me , can't repeat since it's a sortie mission
  6. Is there any special event going on? the terminal from the mobile defense "sortie" started flipping and tried to kill me lol like wtf???
  7. Use mag second ability , it auto aim Head , use max duration with normal range build "otherwise magnetic balls will collide" , use your 2 on 3 ennemies , jump and shoot while in the air Riven unveiled Edit: works with any gun "didn't tested with beam guns"
  8. Title : could it be possible to make Nakak masks placeable in orbiter as a decoration?
  9. Leechers can in fact be stopped , we just need the right tools , i'm not talking about an automated system but about a report function If everyone was thinking like you , noone would do anything about nothing
  10. Sad to see that the only solution some player , and not only you ^^, have, is to go solo , since we have such a large community But the fact is that those bad players "players with bad behaviour, leechers etc" are ruining the gameplay for a lot of us
  11. Actually you said my argument was not valid , because i have a different opinion than your , and still you gave no argument at all , so i'll just stop here with that and continue the topic @Kaotyke yup ,
  12. I do report , but not everyone does because of the argument i gave
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