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  1. @DE i think clem is messing with update servers right now , update still fail after 10 attemps , seem's like he's messing with us since 2013 , maybe you should consider fixing that kind of problem and eject him into the void
  2. Yemesis

    Update Failures

    I'm gonna Desecrate this thread since it still happens , 5 years later...
  3. no , i confirm that you're almost stuck to the ground with the archwing now , this 100m heigh change for the archwing in the plains is probably one of the worse change that could have done . i cannot imagine if they had put a "50 m" limit .
  4. "Changed the Archwing max height in The Plains of Eidolon to 100 meters (previous intentions were a max height of 50 meter)." I think you should train yours.
  5. Hi Again i would like to PC this one I know that this ears/tail combo is worth between 140-180 plat but what about the colours , pattern and energy color?
  6. Does anybody know when the Twitch stream begin? because it says Teshin Statue On the following days, watch any Warframe Stream for 60 minutes to get this exclusive Orbiter Decoration: August 10, 12:00 a.m. ET - August 12, 11:59 p.m. ET But the stream didn't started yet , of there may be an error in the schedule
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