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  1. WTS Kuva Kohm 51% heat IGN Yemesis
  2. Lol and now itzal Nerf for no apparent reason , They don't even listen to their community anymore , they kinda want to make everything casual in game , time to take a break with Warframe
  3. Swazdo-lah tenno Source: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ostron_Language
  4. Actually they are collecting Debt-Bond over players , DE is most possibly controled by Profit-taker and Exploiter atm , let's wait until Vox solaris take back control
  5. So DE can have an idea of the opinion on their (Lich hotfix+ Lich system )
  6. DE Listening to their community be like
  7. l o l , what a Joke , even when a big part of the community complain about the grind , they kinda do Magic tricks
  8. Is it normal that my Kuva Ogris is leveling to the infinite? , Goes past rank 30 but restart the level 30 all the time?... Edit : yup it's normal - It's a [Paracesis] Like system =>5 Forma to max rank any Kuva weapon...
  9. 50 Murmur per Requiem is a little bit too much !
  10. Issue is partially solved , i get really weird lags in game even if my ping is really low
  11. There's a Massive DDOS attack going on on multiple ISP servers
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