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  1. What about when demolysts drop on their own and keep reseting their HP as happened to me just now? There was no Loki in the group if any smartass want to come and brag BS.
  2. Was happening in mouse/keyboard too
  3. I'll skip this one. no mood to watch the community managers pretending everyone is happy amidst of the second part of the Moderatorcaplyse.
  4. OH DE, you fix so many things, but can't fix the moderators attitude. What's that? They have too much identity cards to play the victimization role and you fear backlash with bad PR? Every place that would have printed their outcries is making lay-offs, and they already didn't have this victimization card when the first backlash occurred. And adding a friend of theirs in the payroll only proved to be like putting a cork over a volcano crater.
  5. Yeah... this derailing disaster waiting to happen winners just sound like it have been decided beforehand. Looks a lot like all of the "too loose contests" that were just an excuse to prize friends in front of everyone, pretending it was deserved. Seem a lot of those during the last 20 years.
  6. Sorry, but shouldn't this be about the players' own characters, instead of NPCs?
  7. Well. I have an ignore list longer than [DE]Rebbeca's friends list, with people that bothered me, without having to demand no action from Digital Extremes. Most of those "banable offenses" are just jokes, clearly visible by the absurdidty of the statement. If you hate humor, just add those people to the ignore list and live your grey and boring life, but DE don't try to enforce to players something you allow inside your own company. People should be responsible for their own accounts to be as boring as them, instead of demanding a company to shove it down normal people's throats.
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