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  1. I grabbed my Ivara to get some stealth missions in, and level up my new weapons while I'm at it. Only to realize that.. I'm getting maybe 2-3 levels on the weapon per mission, instead of the usual 8-12 I would get. Please DE, fix this nonsense, it's making the game unnecessarily grindy. I know it can't be avoided every time, but I would like to see an update that fixes things without breaking other things.
  2. All my Yes. Ember could really do with some proper love. At least in the cosmetics department. Deluxe skin or Tennogen.. I'm pretty sure this would find it's way onto my Ember Prime sooner rather than later.
  3. I like the thought that went into the abilities. Final numbers could probably do with a bit of tweaking, but he seems very team/support oriented. And the ammo resupply idea is very nice. Frame with a built in ammo-pizza power. What's not to love?
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