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  1. I would, but that's not very romantic, now is it? 😆
  2. So, around the lead-up to Fortuna, my GF got mighty interested in Warframe. Partly because she saw me getting back into the Tenno life, and partly because of that catchy-as-hell theme song sung by the Solaris U workers. Since then, she's gotten pretty damn well stuck in. Definitely a fashion framer (insert tears of pride), despite also being a lowly, horrible kubrow and kavat breeder that tosses poor unwanted and unloved kubrow puppies and kavat kittens away to Space Mom... or so she says, but come on, we all know what Konsu's having for lunch these days, and it's not mergoo. However, more than anything, she loves, loves, loves Ivara. Our favorite froggy huntress is her very favorite warframe to use, especially with the new Kuvael tennogen skin. Ivara is her only choice in spy missions and conservation missions, and lately, she's even starting to use her outside of those. And now we have Ivara Prime, and obviously, my GF wants her. Obviously, since it's the season, despite my natural 'Bah Humbug!' ways, I'm going to be buying her the full Ivara Prime Access. I've told her that she has to wait for Christmas. But I'd rather get it for her sooner, if possible, if only to see the look on her face. But that means getting access to her PC and/or login, and she jealously guards both. So I need a way, ideas, anything, to get her Ivara Prime without her hovering over my shoulder like an over-excited ten-year-old watching her parents pull out the credit card to pay for that brand new Xbox. A part of me is wishing that Prime Access was purchasable directly from the in-game store like everything else, but I get why DE decided against that. So right now, I'm brainstorming ways to trick her away from her PC long enough to slip that sweet new Prime Jellyfish into her account without her realizing it. Any ideas, Tenno?
  3. Can confirm, my GF was looking forward to finally getting a Vectis Prime, only there's no relic for the barrel. So... umm.. maybe a hotfix for the hotfix? Or did [DE]Megan's kuva lich steal all of the Vectis Prime barrels we were supposed to get? I bet it's her kuva lich. Damn kuva liches, stealing our prime parts.
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