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  1. Could you try that again after you've recovered from your stroke?
  2. Liches can control all but one node on a planet and they'll still steal from you if you do that one unstained mission. They only need to control the planet.
  3. How exactly do the quotes regardling the mummy franchise counter the salt pile mummification step?
  4. Can you explain the point of all the separate quotes in relation to each other? It looks like you used something I said as a counter of something I said. Regardless, all of this is countered by the fact that risen mummies are fiction, so if DE decides that Inaros is a shriveled bullet sponge than that's how it is.
  5. 1. In the image you shared your "mummy" was a literal scorpion man hybrid so using it as an example of what mummies look like is dumb. 2. One of the steps of creating a mummy is covering it with a massive pile of salt, that's not going to leave a very beefy mummy. 3. "The point is when the mummy is born, he starts to recollect his physical appeareance /body structure of when he was alive or even bigger." That is how it works in 1 movie franchise, risen mummies aren't real so DE can go whatever route they want. 4. Inaros' base skin is based on a rotting lanky mummy, not Dwayne the Rock Johnson
  6. This^ Rhino is a man in a suit of armor that blocks the bullets, Inaros is a zombie that gets hit by the bullets and then just keeps coming. "I will inflict the greatest insult an enemy can suffer. To be ignored." - Warlord Okeer
  7. According to the wiki the only things a Lich will never steal is Requiem Relics, Requiem Mods, and Pigment
  8. Your Index rewards are in the form of (as you said) stacks of credits. Meaning 1 stack is the entire amount for that round. Meaning yes this is intended. It sure as all hell is a pretty crappy thing to experience, but you honestly should've seen this coming when you decided to run the Index while a Lich controlled the planet. If I run a Radiant Relic in Lich territory I am prepared for the possibility of my Lich stealing the reward I get.
  9. That's still not constructive. There is little evidence that Warframe is dying so the thoughts of a handful of people claiming it is don't add much. Creating a thread about how Subject Y is not healthy for the game with included suggestions on how to rectify this is fine. Creating a thread that boils down to "This will kill the game" or "Warframe is dying" or even worse, "Warframe is dead" is unconstructive disaster speak.
  10. It's likely a case of Confirmation Bias. "I see this a lot so this must be the status quo"
  11. So you shame the Lich and reroll the weapon. If the Parazon combination stays the same between shaming than why not go all the way and just give us a dropdown menu of what weapon we want them to have? It honestly feels like it would defeat the purpose of the process. If the Parazon combination changes between shaming than just killing it and rolling a new one would even be easier.
  12. DE has already stated they're looking into a way to get rid of your Lich. Their idea at the time involved getting Paladino to get rid of it once a week, this is obviously subject to change. Please do Note how I said they were "Looking into it" This is by no means a guarantee. Honestly if you have the right Parazon combo you might as well just kill it a roll a new one.
  13. While giving feedback is fine... This just sounds like you haven't played her effectively. Have you tried her while using decent builds or just something you cobbled together?
  14. Given how short this mission is I don't really understand why you don't just run it with other people if you want to hit the 1mill mark.
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