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  1. at the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat.. this visual design basicly turned my upcoming main into mastery fodder.. It doesn't look dragon-ish at all... it looks like 1 of the Lephantis heads, or as others mentioned... an ant-eater head taped to an infested Ancient.. still gonna play it, but this could be so much better #SuchDisappoint
  2. Basicly yeah, He is upset because people are talking about Dragon on a thread for Dragon.. 0 Logics out of 10
  3. we have long since past the point of something not being 'warframe-ish' the argument has become invalid when it comes to visual design
  4. Now that I read back at it thanks to Pomme-de-terre-rapide-douze :P while I still love the design and would love to have it in the game. Endrians concept sounds incredibly Overpowered. I'm actually ashamed to say I'm happy the skills will not be like Endrians design Still want it though, Hope the art design will look like it
  5. probably trollin but, you can change polarities so that would be a stupid reason not to play a frame
  6. We're getting a Dragon.. that's enough for me. if it were this concept that sparked it, that would just be a bonus.. I just want a Dragon... preferably this Dragon
  7. Nyx looks like Excaliber (with good reason) and that doesn't seem to be a problem with people... Dragon looks less like Rhino than Nyx/Exc
  8. There is no 'pre-established' design.. Excaliber is smooth as a baby's butt Zephyr is ornament incarnate Nekros is skinny mofo Rhino is buff mofo Limbo is a stage magician Hydroid is a Pirate
  9. they were just a few examples cuz I just woke up. mentioning mythology and religion when i said Samael was because most Christians I know would go apes*** over it, while they themselves are totally ok with other religions/myths being used in games didn't know about those nodes because I almost never visit Pluto or Uranus, my bad
  10. True, simply naming the warframe Dragon clashes with other objects in the game. Dragon keys, Dragon Nikana, can't go with Draco because we already have a node called Draco. possible names: (feel free to add) Drake Endrian Ryujin / Ryuu Wyvern Zodiac Dracul Samael, (we have Valkyr and Loki from mythology/religion, so why not samael)
  11. now now.. better stay away from the gas pedal, if we want to prevent this Hype train from becoming a disappointment
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