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  1. Today, after the update and hotfix, every mission I played, ended up having host migration so that I had to play every mission that I wanted twice or thrice to get its rewards.

    What seems strange is that:

    > whenever I was the host and the mission was near completion, everybody disconnected. (and sometimes new members would join)

    > whenever I was NOT the host and the mission was near completion. I would lose connection to host, resulting in mission failure.

    > 1 game crashed after host migration.


    Anybody else got similar problems?








  2. I've read in another post this bug exists since 2017. And this bug occurs with me so many times in a mission now, that it forces me to take another sentinel. It's just so immersion breaking if you're playing without a head. 


    Also, I've seem to have this bug significantly more whilst playing umbra. But with Umbra I can seem to 'fix' it temporarily by going into operator mode, this is not the case with any other warframe.

    I'm desperate for a fix. I just can't play with Shade now.

  3. Most often with mission in the plains of Eidolon, the finisher animations of my dual kama's or any other non-nikana weapon will use the finisher animation of that of nikana weapons. This is very frustrating as I chose my melee weapons specifically for the cool animations, nikana's are imo NOT one of them.

    What further increases the frustrations is that with abilities such as Ash's "Fatal Teleport", after the animation there's no damage inflicted to the targeted enemy.

    This has happens regardless of whether I'm host or not.

    Being downed and then revived or resurrecting seems to solve the issue, but I can't be expected to down myself every game before continuing the mission right?


  4. Just now, JSharpie said:

    AFAIK energy only drains when you channel.

    Yes. But not channeling makes deflecting useless as the amount of damage dealt is insane. And channeling in this case drains all of your energy within seconds as afaik the energy gets deducted per hit, and you're basically taking rapid fire all the time.

    How can you be a cool melee space ninja warrior when your only way of escaping damage is to either flee and jump like a coward, use your abilities, or stealth. The animation of deflecting is soo darn cool, why restrict it?

  5. Short version: I'd wish they removed the energy drain whilst deflecting because it's more of a penalty than necessary. Ideally, one would have an invisible dedicated stamina-like-bar for the duration of full deflection/reflection. Why ? Because the animation and idea of bullet deflecting is sooo freaking cool and makes me feel like a true ninja.


    I have only one wish, and it has been this wish ever since they made it as it is now. In the time where we still had a stamina bar, we basically could deflect any damage as long as you had stamina. And holy moly did I like to pretend to be a ninja deflecting all those bullets. But nowadays, deflecting bullets makes you still take damage and using energy drains it all in an instant on higher levels which feels like a penalty to deflect at all. I'd wish they make it possible to deflect properly without the need for energy again, so that I can roleplay lovely. Deflecting everything endlessly is indeed OP, so why not make a time limit? Like you could deflect all damage the first 2 seconds and then steadily less and less. LEave energy out of this. Basically they whole deflecting needs a rework.

  6. Yeah, Naramon Lenses would encourage lone, sneaky murderers, much the same way that Vazarin Lenses would encourage team supports.




    Funnily enough, this maps almost perfectly to how their Focus Passives work right now anyway! Vazarin passives are almost useless if you're playing alone, while Naramon's melee criticals and stealth passives tend to make the user a lone wolf.

    But you shouldn't be forced to play alone to get xp for your specific focus school. So in my opinion something else needs to be implemented here. 

  7. Can someone please tell me whether damage dealing status effects (like toxic, burn or shield draining) are supposed to drain 5 energy per tick or is this a bug?


    Encountered thrice on Ivara today.

    edit: No it's not her third ability itself. When you got proc'd it drains EXTRA energy.

  8. But if you went to extraction with the rest of the team, the mission would still have succeeded so long as the hostages bleedout timer didnt expire beforehand.

    That's not a good reason against this madness, you only reinforce the 'running like a headless chicken to extraction' tactic.

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